Adieu, But Not Goodbye…

wp adieuIsn’t there a saying, ‘It’s adieu, but not goodbye?’ We have compiled a list of those we lost in 2014.
It would be great to think that in some world beyond our dimensions, whether you consider that to be ‘Heaven’ or whatever you choose to name it, we could be high-fiving and hugging our missing loved ones in due course. In the meantime, before we get completely settled into 2015 let’s raise a glass to those we left behind in 2014…left behind, but never forgotten!

Feel free to suggest anyone we have left off, or indeed a loved one of your own, (whether they were wrapped in skin, fur, feather or scales) if you wish to in the comments.

See the full list here.

25 thoughts on “Adieu, But Not Goodbye…

  1. wow… always jerks you back to earth when looking at the faces of those who are now gone. We are HERE to laugh, love and play, some of those people couldn’t, and didn’t. So perhaps we should while we can…… x x

  2. I would like to add an Adieu to my sister-in-law’s mother – one of the kindest women I ever knew – so full of love for everyone. Looking forward to hugging her again someday “in some world beyond our dimensions.”

  3. In the midst of life, we are in death. Too easy to pretend it ain’t so, so thanks for this post. Particularly hard to see the little ladies and the little gentlemen. There are so many across the world who never make it onto a list.
    BTW, Sid Caesar’s name appears to have been mis-spelled on the full list.

  4. Rik Mayall, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Robin Williams were the big shocks. They were just so talented, and it was so sudden. I’ll miss them all. The sad passing of Jack Bruce ended off a difficult year.

  5. I would say Robin hurt me the most. I grew up loving that man. He helped me through a lot of issues I was going through. It’s just sad that silent disease can take a hold and not let go.

    1. Where have you been Yomi?! Yes it’s very sad. They seem like cool people. Ruby Dee’s civil rights work with her husband I don’t think gets the credit it deserved and I always remember Harold Ramis as the kind-faced doctor in ‘As Good As It Gets.’

    1. Thanks theartistaslisalee. For this I can’t agree. He is no less or more important than all the others we enjoyed but didn’t know personally, or those who were killed or murdered on our list. But I do get what you are saying and thank you for it.

  6. I would like to add my Grandma to this list. 97, smart, sharp, inspiring and unafraid, some how it still feels as though she left too soon. But then, at 97, maybe she was ready to embrace whatever was to come.

    As always you have handled what could be a painful topic with sensitivity and grace.

  7. I find it hard to click the “like” button on a post like this, but I’m glad you posted it. Some of these took me by surprise, because I simply hadn’t heard of their passings. One that I noticed was absent from this list was Jack Bruce, bassist and vocalist for Cream from 1966-68.

    All in all, there are quite a few that passed away last year that I’ll miss.

  8. I think for me it was Rik Mayall and Robin Williams that hurt the most. Robin seemed like the gentlest most down-to-earth man that ever worked on film, stage and television, and Rik seemed like the naughty, anarchic uncle you always wanted to have. If nothing esle, they’ve left a legacy of joy to help still our tears for a wee while.

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