Jesus Is A Bum? The True Meaning Of Xmas? …See What Happens Next!

Black Friday, Blue Tuesday, Yellow Wednesday… people arm wrestling over flat screen TV’s…whatevs man! Take a look at this…it might change your view on a few things!

Have a safe and peaceful one everybody! The Ed.

37 thoughts on “Jesus Is A Bum? The True Meaning Of Xmas? …See What Happens Next!

  1. Wow that really touched my heart. A lot of the times the worst is assumed of homeless people. They are people though and not all of them are bad, they just fell on hard times. Definitely makes me appreciate what I have a lot more. I may not have EVERYTHING but I don’t have nothing. I hope everyone who watches this will take a chance on the man on the side of the road next time. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE this. The meaning behind the picture. The feeling the picture evokes. The innocence of simple, yet truthful men, who have long ago, dropped the monster called ‘ego’. Yes, they embody who I would say Jesus was. A long haired hippie, who went against the establishment, hung out with the homeless, loved the poor and never called them lazy, had a great sense of understanding for prostitutes, but mostly, he was a man who never tried to be better than anyone else. He had no ego, he only believed in love, kindness, sharing, and forgiveness. Nothing else mattered to him. Perhaps that’s why, 2500.00 years after his death, he is still remembered, whereas, other people, who were deemed ‘great ones’ of their time….have long been forgotten. This scene depicts a Jesus scene. No fancy gifts, no bright lights, no ‘celebs’, just one poor man helping another. Love. That’s it! So beautiful, so simple and so much pure joy. x x I wish you a happy and healthy, joyous New Year Ed. May you find all that you want need and desire, with laughter in abundance! x x x x

      1. Hi my fav Ed, Thank you.

        I wish you Many blessings, joy, health and laughter this year. I don’t do noble work, but thankyou so much, you are an angel, a real life angel. I just wish you’d stop hiding your wings, coz I bet they are kick ass colourful, bright and beautiful, PLUS,you could give ol’ Victorias’ secret some inspiration!

        Thank YOU for the support and love you’ve shown me. I so appreciate every single moment you’ve taken out of your busy schedule to give me a hand or ‘heads’ up. πŸ™‚ x x x Here’s to a joyful year, whatever it may bring… x x

      2. LOL folding your wings in, simply means, that you are an angel in disguise! Free of ego, so no need to flaunt your kindness, you just carry on being the wonderful you that you are x x x

  3. It’s all too easy to assume that people are in dire straits because of something they did wrong – it chases away the uncomfortable thought that next year that could be us, and relieves us of the equally uncomfortable thought that perhaps we should be doing something about it. But then, sometimes it’s good to be uncomfortable…

    1. Exactly. It’s so much easier to say ‘I can’t give him money he will spend it on drink,’ which I’ve heard a lot and I used to think, well if I was in his position maybe I would too!
      Or I’ve heard ‘some of them prefer living on the streets,’ which may even have an element of truth, but there is usually a reason that they prefer the in your face honesty of the streets than the pushy manhandling of authorities. But I doubt they grew up saying ‘gee I would really love to be homeless.’ A great deal suffer mental illness. But dismissing and blaming them in the absence of their story is so much easier, as you say you can remain comfortable in the knowledge that you then don’t have to help.

      But looking at it from another point of view, even folks in houses have their own problems too, poverty will always be there and they cannot always help, or sometimes just get ‘charity fatigue.’

  4. It’s truly amazing how people can change our perspective, if we give them the opportunity that is. Even as a victim of circumstance, he still utilized the money to help complete strangers. When I saw this story the other day, it reminded why I reject this notion of classifying “all” under the same umbrella. This man truly has something that people with far more financially, seem to lack in abundance.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. Too many times we lump the homeless in a certain category, and of course, pre-judge them. This just proves that all the apples in a barrel are not necessary bad, still a good one or two left.


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