Pictures That Might Ju-u-u-ust Require A Second Look!

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Did you untangle them all and suss out all the body parts?! I’m not going to lie to you, there is one I just don’t get. I think I’ll try standing on my head and viewing it, see if that will help…

Plus, anyone spot the famous face in the pictures? (Or half of a face?)






  1. oh i bet you have had a BIG response to that post….I laughed alot, turned my pc screen many different directions and wondered how you got those pics…did you take them all? and thank you for stopping by my blog, Wisdom at large….a pleasure to blog with you now. Connie

  2. Hi,

    This really made me laugh. So strange, every reply I write on mobile will not end up here. Cannot be posted some how. Perhaps something with the settings, I do not have problems with the other blogs.
    So you know, I still read your posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    How’s life?

      1. Imagine that I got sick by the end of September, yeah that serious. But I will be fine again that is the most important thing.

        Thanks doc. OMG only the thought of cod liver oil *puke*

      1. The old guy has 2 knees underneath his chair which look…well…how can I put it delicately?… I can’t. The Asian girl has parted her shorts in an unfortunate fashion exposing someone’s leg behind her but it looks also like something else.

      1. Okay this is what I said on another comment, see if you agree:

        I think finally Iโ€™ve got it! If I give the 2 legs to her friend in black next to her, then she (girl with sash) has the remaining leg pointing to camera.

    1. There isnt actually anything repulsive about any of the pictures, thats the whole point of the post? Talk about bringing the negativity in your own head to kill everyone else’s enjoyment.

    1. Lol! The girl in white with the tongue is holding the girl in green’s leg up on top her own leg, (grey trousers) but at a glance it may look like girl with tongue is displaying her bottom half rather inelegantly!

    1. 3rd pic down. I know the girl with the sash is not posing legs akimbo! But I can’t work out which leg is hers. There’s basically 3 legs there for the taking and none seem to fit her body position.

      Oh wait… I think finally I’ve got it! If I give the 2 legs to her friend in black next to her, then she has the remaining leg pointing to camera. Would you agree??!! Lol! Still a very awkward way to sit if that’s right!

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