Monday Motivation!

monday motivation
Mon Mot 1 brave thing b



36 thoughts on “Monday Motivation!

  1. Love Monday Inspiration….we all need it now and again. Thanks so much for following my blog today. I do appreciate it..Jamie

  2. Since we live in the past, we need to make it a pleasant place to live by always trying to do what will make make it a pleasant place. Most people will argue that we live in the present but we do not and cannot. Why? Because the present is such a tiny slice of time that it is gone before we can realize that it was here. In the time that it takes to hear a spoken word it has already gone into the past. We cannot live in the future because it isn’t here yet. We make plans for the future and, amazingly, most of them work out in spite of all the things that can go wrong. We can’t live in the present because it is gone while we think about it. So, we live in the past whether we want to admit it or not. Aren’t we fortunate to have memory? Without memory we would have no life at all. We would be like a worm on a leaf, doing only what we were programmed to do and completely oblivious to the world around us. Just something to think about when Monday comes around again.

  3. Tomorrow doesn’t exist! and we don’t know if we’ll even see it,or wake up, so, my brave thing to do, is to love everyone with all my heart and forgive those that have hurt me so deeply I never thought I’d recover!

      1. I will be for sure. It’s a long way from happening but I am thinking more seriously about it lately. Step one is done-my accounting diploma finished this past august–now I need a couple more courses under my belt and I’ll be ready to go 🙂

  4. Happy Epic Monday! You were SO on target with this one, as we are currently awaiting word on when our newest great-nephew will be joining the family since his mom has been in labor for about 8 hours now. Since this is to be his first Monday ever, we are going to have to think of a fitting way to celebrate his arrival, so thanks for the motivation to make it amazing!

      1. Just an FYI at 8lbs, 2 oz and 19 in…. I think it may take a while for my latest great-nephew to be up to reading on your level… but I will get him there ASAP. Wouldn’t want to deprive him of your blog after all 😉

      2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Congrats! 🙂

        Tell him not to worry about the reading thing – 18 months will be fine! I’m chinking a champagne glass for you…well a plastic mug with chilled water!

  5. My one brave thing: Go to the gym during after work hours. Now, that IS brave. (Have you ever been on a treadmill next to someone who has worked a full day with no deodorant? *shudder*) Yes, EJ. I will be brave. And carry smelling salts.

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