Monday Motivation!

monday motivation


Ready for a brand new week? 😉


23 thoughts on “Monday Motivation!

  1. At one engineering job, a co-worker was from Sweden. Her way of pronouncing Monday made it sound like she was saying “Moan day”. That always made us smile….

      1. Okay now here’s the thing. The other (Burning Fire) guys…now apart from noticing that great looooow vocal the more I listened (my poor neighbours!) the more I realized what great singers they were.
        Take Boys 2 Men. The bass guy never sang at normal pitch, (at least I never heard him). They were all such phenomenal singers maybe he didn’t need to, or didn’t have a great tone there.
        These guys normal pitch is as equally unbelievable as their bass. Both the Pentatonic guy and the Home free guy. Total badass-ness.

        That’s it. I’ll never mention them again. 😀

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