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Just love these awkward photos on loan from I was inspired to show y’all these by the last shot which is wonderful – wait til you see it!

The poochies expressions above and below are priceless! Yes we are human. Yes quite a few of us are nuts. Get used to it Poochies!


Get your coat Nana, you’ve pulled! (Does that phrase travel across the Atlantic and elsewhere I wonder!)


You can just hear the photographer, ‘No, no! It’ll look romantic. This won’t look stupid at all!’



Awkward family photo, 2002

It’s that photographer again!

awkward-family-photo-in-the-navy awkward-family-photos-1

Yep. Same photographer!


I’m not that keen on one of my children…I don’t know…he just didn’t grow on me!


Yep! Same photog.


No one will notice!


I know! let’s swing the childre….aaaaagh!


Do I have to say it?


Just wrong! πŸ™‚

glamor-shot-fail-26 Head-Games

I promise you…this will look really artistic. It will be you thinking about your lovely bride…


Love the baby above! But the piece de resistance that inspired this whole post was this lady below. She wanted to get a lovely shot of her beautiful newborn. It was all set up and she held him proudly and delicately in front of her and then AATCHOO! She sneezes all over baby! Yeeeees! Just look at that wonderful expression on the little one’s face! πŸ™‚





63 thoughts on “Awkward!

  1. I haven’t heard the phrase “you’ve pulled” in NZ, but maybe I just move in the wrong circles! (Or the right circles. Depending on how you look at it.)
    It’s truly remarkable what you can get people to do if you point a camera at them. Because The Photographer Said So. Although I”m pretty sure some of these people were just looking for an excuse…

    1. Lol! ‘You’ve pulled’ isn’t too bad…I mean I can’t hear the Queen saying it but it’s widely available for all social circles.
      And thereth endeth your English colloquialism lesson for today. You’re welcome πŸ™‚

      1. It’s these new teaching hours – one can only squeeze in so much each session. And now for THIS session I will tell you what it means (cough!)…intended.

        ‘Grab your coat, you’ve pulled!’ is just a cheeky ole Brit saying meaning ‘you’ve bagged or picked up someone (usually at a club) for the night’ or indeed however long.

        Please make sufficient notes as there will be a test this coming Friday.

  2. Aaaahhh…thank you for this goooood laugh therapy…..
    I am baaaad….but my favorite photo is probably the failed swing baby…. I soooo wouldn’t like to be on the mom’s place at that second…..neither at the baby’s place the next second!!! Terrible….but terribly funny!

  3. What the hell have I just seen? For the love of glob, someone please scrub my brain out with industrial grade bleach! (Whimper.)

    The dogs in the first two images look like they don’t know which one’s Arthur or Martha, and yes, “pulled” does travel across the Atlantic or whichever way it’s got to travel to reach my computer monitor.

    They’re all horrifying images in their own unique ways, but the one that really scares the bejebus out of me is the creepy woman with the monstrous fish. I can’t even… Look away, Tony. Just. Look. Away.

    Oh, and that last image? I laughed my arse off… then had to put it back on again. πŸ˜›

  4. Oh I can’t stop laughing! They’re all so priceless. Cameras must be some sort of magical object – there’s nothing people wont do for someone with a camera in their hand. Thanks for the laugh.

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