Mutilating Animals For Profit

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There’s a new trend in town folks!…In China. Mutilating animals and begging ‘on behalf of the animal’ for money. In this story this camel has been purposely mutilated by having it’s legs cut off by homeless men. They’re homeless…think it was done ‘humanely?’



 Protected Species

Camels are supposedly a protected species in China. The local police said that mutilating people was becoming rather passe and earning less and less money so obviously animals were next. The police also said they could not do anything about this particular once majestic camel or the new trend in general because the people concerned were ‘not breaking the law.’

I however do have a solution – at least for this particular case…it involves 3 bullets.


Mutilated-Camel-1 Mutilated-Camel-2 Mutilated-Camel

74 thoughts on “Mutilating Animals For Profit

  1. The Chinese government’s greenlighting of abuse towards a so-called “protected” non-human species such as camels is to be unfortunately expected from a government that denies WordPress access for people living in the country.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I thought that the professional beggars on the streets of Los Angeles and Tijuana were ruthless, but this takes things to a whole new level. Sorry, but I can not “like” this news article. I will share it. Again, keep up the great work 🙂

  3. This has to be one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a while. What caught my attention is the comment about not making money from mutilating people anymore. I’m sorry – what? They used to do this to people and beg for money on behalf of them? Did I misunderstand something? I like your 3 bullets suggestion…

    1. No, unfortunately you understood correctly. In some countries Fagin type characters mutilate gangs of kids to send them out to beg tourists for money. It’s not a new phenomena by any stretch.

      It would be most strange if China WASN’T doing it.

  4. These men, in addition to their homeless status, should be made some kind of “XXXless”!
    They would deserve to pay, instead of even pretending to ask for some money!

  5. Poor love…I am a bit surprised that they aren’t “breaking any laws”. I believe it was Ghandi that said that you can judge a society by the way it treats its animals. Sadly, our own society is not free from animal cruelty-a difficult pill to swallow. But there are many people who work diligently to give voice and protection to those who cannot speak for themselves-as you have done through this post.

  6. OMG-I thought that I’d seen it all. I just don’t know what humanity is coming too. Although, having traveled enough to see extremely, extremely, extremely devastating poverty—is it fair for me to pass judgement. I don’t know-after reading this post—I feel both horror and compassion. Maybe it’s because tonight I saw Dalai Lama’s documentary where he is looking for a world renaissance in the name of humanity. So before I ramble on any further- despite this post OMG— have a great week! 🙂 Sora

  7. Such a very sad sight to see. Everyday I see something in this world, (no matter where it may be), that leaves my heart heavy. One person can only do so much, but when one is willing to “strike a match” in order to get the fire started, perhaps more will be willing to “fan the flames” of not only justice, but also kindness…for ALL living things. Peace.

  8. I wasn’t going to comment here because I didn’t think I could say anything that wasn’t obvious. Then it hit me that something about his situation doesn’t add up. How in the world to do two homeless guys begging on the street afford to feed a camel? I thought maybe they had it only for a day, but I checked the picture. At least one of these two sacks of humanity has changed his clothes. How long did they have this camel? A dog I can imagine, but a camel? I’m not trying to be flippant. There’s just something about this that doesn’t make sense.

    Never mind. Now that I’ve typed that in, It made sense. When I looked again, I wasn’t sure it was the same camel in every shot. Then I realized, the poor thing is starving to death.

    I don’t even like camels and this disgusts me.

    1. I would have thought starvation is only one of this poor animals problems – apart from it’s injuries the unatural habitat it’s forced to be paraded in, walking on it’s knuckles…

      It is said that they had the camel at least from April, but dare I say it could just just be Chinese whispers by the time this report was written up.
      The lack of inhumanity from the authorities and general populus astounds me also – although really it doesn’t.

  9. It is difficult to imagine being in a situation where mutilating an animal is a good thing! But I am not homeless. As an animal activist in my younger days, I do not condone any action that causes unnecessary harm. But can I be the judge and jury?

  10. A terrible life for this beautiful animal – and obviously a terrible life for the men desperate enough to do this. I do not condone such abhorrent cruelty but I do have empathy for those men, I can’t imagine being homeless in China is easy.

    It’s sad how hate and anger can spread. Their answer was cruelty and violence towards an innocent creature and your answer is also violence and cruelty towards, while not innocent creatures, creatures none the less.

      1. Yes, I know what you mean. There’s a difference between what we know (logically) and what we feel – and what we feel in our gut is often stronger.

  11. It is said that humans are better than animals. In fact, we are at the lowest level on the value chain: without us, the planet will do fine; backward it is impossible.

  12. Not really sure what to say..anger and sadness both come up..pity related to the pathetic-ness of human systems that result in actions such as these tugging on people’s emotions for profit, and not just in China..

  13. I was sickened by this when I spotted it on the news yesterday. How the abuse of animals can be allowed is beyond me. But when you consider the stories of the 1 child policy and the awful things that happen to baby girls, you know why they let it happen. Monstrous

    1. Nobody will ever challenge China’s appalling record with animals because of money. Few countries can also look china in the eye with integrity on this issue as their own behaviours towards animals are hardly superior.

  14. Which is worse: that people are inflicting such cruelties on animals, or that they feel they need to in order to survive? What is wrong with us, that we won’t help homeless people unless they’re accompanied by a mutilated mammal? I suppose we should be thankful that it’s becoming “passé” to mutilate humans.

    1. Maybe these 2 were identified as homeless but we as people do just as worse to animals everyday and most of us have very full bellies.
      It is (like most things in life) not a black and white issue. We know in the west that some ‘homeless’ people are faking it to make money, even in ‘poorer’ countries kids are mutilated and sent out by well fed gang leaders to make money. This ultimately makes people not want to help them. Also the people giving often don’t have a lot themselves. I’m just trying to say that I don’t think that it is not all that people just don’t want to help each other.

      1. All very true – but I am still uncomfortable with condemning others for making choices we disapprove of when we aren’t subject to the same conditions.
        Also I don’t think we all do “just as worse to animals everyday” – although if you count killing insects (ants, mosquitoes, fleas) I am as guilty as anyone 🙂

  15. Isn’t that awful? It’s a horrific thing to do to an animal, but there’s also something kind of sad about the fact that the homeless can’t get much empathy on their own. People will feel bad for an animal, but we’ve become numb to our own species’ pain.

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