46 thoughts on “Is Your Work Safe?

  1. Oy are you ever right. I have felt the effects of my negligence in this area, and yet I am still not backing up my work. It sounds like torture to add one more thing to the to do list, but you’d think I would have learned this lesson by now. You are just full of wisdom!

    1. Lol! Oh I hear you! Boy do I hear you! πŸ˜€ It isn’t the MOST fun you can have in life. Best thing is to just copy the most important posts, you know the ones you’d actually cry about if you lost. Just do say 3 a week, or one a day every day at 6pm or something.

      The other way is to back up everything at once with WordPress’s back up process in one fell swoop. Look down the comments and you’ll find where I showed someone how to do it.

      As for general life to do’s, let me introduce myself, ‘Hi, I’m Ms Obsessive!’ I used to obsessively do my to do’s and the list would still get ever longer and longer and I’d get weighed down by them.

      Then I thought if I popped my clogs tomorrow would all this matter? No? (Filing every darn letter sent by the bank? Really?) Then it’s not important. Just do the things that are important. Put the important things in red and tackle them maybe once a week. The others, put them in grey and leave them until they become important, if they ever do. Put feet up. Smile.

      1. For my whole first blog, I have to sift through my husband’s old blog subscription emails to get them. Those posts were all about surviving operation Iraq freedom with 2 babies and a husband in Iraq. Hate to lose those! ! And to dos… sometimes I just write what I’ve already done just so I can get the high of feeling accomplished. But you’re right. Impossible to get every little thing dine, and some of it isn’t worth the time.

      2. ‘sometimes I just write what I’ve already done just so I can get the high of feeling accomplished.’ Really? Lol! That’s a new one on me!
        And yes, gosh those posts sound very precious and hard to replicate and I can imagine a large potential audience for that subject also. Just start. If there are 100, do five a day, in 20 sessions you’ll be done.

      1. Ha ha! Two sugars nurse! Fear nothing, should be fairly straightforward. πŸ™‚

        If you go for version 2 just break it up into say 5 posts a day as I see you have been posting since April and once you catch up just save the best ones as you go.

  2. I never would have thought about backing up my posts…guess it’s something I need to work on…some of mine have been good…if I do say so myself…and I’d hate to have to rebuild everything! Yikes! I need a coffee just thinking about the possibility! Thanks for the tip…Have a WONDERFUL day!

  3. Hmm, this could actually be very relavant, especially now following all of these cyber hackings that have been taking place..

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