49 thoughts on “7 non sucky tips

    1. Then keep searching. When your shoulders relax, you give a half smile and you stop looking at it with a squinting eye you’ll know you have found ‘the one’. Even if it’s ‘the one for now.’ πŸ™‚

  1. I read somewhere that everyone who starts a blog wants as many readers as possible. Otherwise, you would just keep a private journal. I’m pretty sure that’s not true. I haven’t decided if I want people reading what I’ve written because I feel horror at being judged by strangers. I post my stuff online so a very select number of people who I love and trust can read my ramblings. And because writing is good therapy, I find. I would NEVER want a prospective employer, for instance, to read my blog.

    But what you’ve written makes me think that, judgements aside, I might want to take your advice onboard in case my present views change.

    One of the things about your blog that I find very savvy is the reply button at the end of every comment. The ability to respond directly to each comment is not all that common and a really good idea.

    1. No, I’m with you. I don’t think it is as clear cut as that, as not everyone knows what they want when they start blogging and may be just testing the waters.

      The individual reply button is definitely a good thing for conversation flow.

  2. Setting goals – blindingly obvious now you mention it but for some reason I never have. Perhaps I’m not sure how concrete my goals should be – or what will happen if I don’t meet them. Would you agree that goals have to be things that the goal-er has control over, e.g. number of posts per week? Or are things they can only influence, e.g. number of followers, be a suitable goal?

    1. Interesting question. I often do both versions and here’s how it would work. Of course you can control the controllables like number of posts per week. Number of followers? Less controllable on the surface. But once you have established for yourself what is a good and realistic target for YOU then you can aim for that target using it as your ideal no? If 20 followers a day was your target because you attained that on July 3rd then you know to put some more steam in if you fall to 6.

      And the ‘concrete-ness’ of your goal is really determined by the Big End Goal. If you are a pleasure blogger you can set goals or don’t – it wouldn’t really matter. But what if you knew that to sell your book or painting to 5 people you would need to cross paths with 50 – 60? Here your Big End Goal to meet 60 people would colour all your planning and decisions.

      If you fail to meet your goals, either they are too unrealistically hard or you aren’t pushing hard enough, so you adjust accordingly. That is what is brilliant about goals, they constantly monitor, inform and remind you about what you are meant to be doing and why.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Fantastic non sucky tips…I am going to dedicate this morning to reviewing my own blog and making some minor adjustments. What I’m having most trouble with is my theme design and using widgets etc…I’m not exactly tech savvy and this aspect of blogging has posed numerous challenges. Can you recommend a site/blog I can visit for some tips on basic coding and site set-up. Eg how put posts on separate pages as opposed to the one homepage in a continuous stream? Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. First of all emtag, are you aware that every post IS on it’s own separate page already?
      Secondly each theme you use will pose different challenges as they will be set up in slightly different ways. As you are on WP.com you really shouldn’t need coding skills as such.

      I don’t have a site to recommend re coding but if you tell me what it is you are trying to aim at I could probably tell you if that requires coding knowledge to do it.

      And lastly, what do you want your home page to look like?

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