Grief Is A B*tch!

Grief is a b*tch eh?
But thank you all who left your super kind messages. I really appreciated reading them all, you really are the most kindly folk.

No amount of querying my great WordPress community will find answers for this one.

It is what it is. We live. We die.

Still a bit numb and in a strange head space but we press on don’t we?

And what a way to press on! I have for you some amazingly bizarre books – which are absolutely not fake! I’ve seen a few of them!

Enjoy!…And thank you all again!


Not sure why these three go together…buy hey!


This one is clearly a must-buy and a real holidayΒ beach read!

3aIf only I had this sage advice a few days ago! I could have constricted my anus ’til the cows came home.




Umm…what x2?!


This is the 3rd edition I’ll have you note!


This has to be my favourite! Yay! Jesus looks so happy!


Sometimes…there are no words.

9Fun and profit. Why else would you smuggle marijuana?







I was always under the impression that live one’s couldn’t?








D’you know something? I don’t think I want to know the secret.






I love how terribly reasonable this girl looks. Balanced, smiling, practically asexual and reasonably thin…like so many teenagers. (Must be a very old book!) πŸ™‚


54 thoughts on “Grief Is A B*tch!

  1. “Wow” comes to mind, while reading each title. They say a great cover page and title, should grab your attention within a few seconds. Well, these definitely grab your attention. My favorites include: living with a large anaconda, playing with the testicles of a lion and the horrible secret of Harpo.”

    The last is even more interesting, because Harpo is the backwards spelling of Oprah. Which illustrator thought that image was a good idea? Lol

  2. No words……..just, your courage and your light are shining examples for all to see. I send you so much love and strength, and ask God to guide your way, and hold you tight xxx

  3. And yet, I’m too afraid to try to send my books in because I’m afraid they will be rejected. If these can get published, I shouldn’t have a problem. LOL

    I hope you are doing OK. Sending positive energy and prayers your way!


    1. Devin! I might be all over the place emotionally right now but I can still switch on my laser focus when I hear something not quite right!
      ‘I’m too afraid to try to send my books in because I’m afraid they will be rejected.’ – Devin, of course they will be rejected! That is just the game. Unless you know someone in the biz it is very likely your book will be rejected, probably never even read.
      Should that make you afraid? No. Because you should expect it realistically. Then what to do? Find other routes. Go around the problem. Many have. Find them. Copy them or make your own new route up, but don’t be afraid. Of what? Of who? If you love what you do, it is quality and you believe in it you will find a way.
      And thanks for the positive energy. I’m taking 90% and sending back 10% for you because you are a fellow creative and we have to be brave souls, never afraid.

      1. Thank you! I do love what I do, I believe and have been told it is quality and I believe in it. Now I just need to find the way. Thank you for the positive energy back. I will be a brave soul today! πŸ™‚

        Have a wonderful day!

  4. I never know what to say to people who are grieving, so I will admit that I didn’t leave you a message on your previous post. I know that makes me a horrid person and I’m sorry.

    I am glad you’re back, though. I enjoy reading your posts. This one was certainly interesting and I had to Google a few of these before I would believe they were real books!

    1. I was thinking about it the other day, (what with all the time I had to think.) These things don’t happen enough for us to see them as just another part of life and that includes talking about it and knowing what to say to folks. – Not that you’d really want the practice right?

      But no, you’re not horrid. I love your down-to-earth honesty and what’s more, because of my above theory, completely understand it. My thing has always been ‘do you and be happy’ and you’ve left a lovely and genuine message in your own time, at your own pace that I appreciate whenever you chose to give it – so worry not.

      And lol at you Googling the books – I did the same! πŸ™‚

      1. I definitely wouldn’t want the practise!

        I know that I could have put something like ‘thinking of you’ or ‘sorry for your loss’ but I think it just seems a little impersonal and would rather take the time to write something that I actually mean rather than what I think I should say.

        I saw that someone had commented to say that they thought your post was a bit too much, but I think it was perfect. I know when I have grieved in the past that you can feel so low that you think you will never smile or laugh again. When something does make you laugh, even if it’s just for a short time, you should definitely run with it! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey dear Ruth! It’s very normalizing to be back, which is good for me as I feel as though I’m walking on a tight rope still. But thank you. It’s always lovely to see your little bird avatar and know you’ve popped round for a visit.

  5. I expected that “Shit in the woods” one to be written by a bear. Now I’m disappointed, A human cannot possibly exceed or even match the expertise that a bear has for woods-shitting.

    There are people on my FB feed who quote Corrie Ten Boom often, without irony.

    I may be too lenient on my FB friends.

    I see that the “Haunted Vagina” author also wrote something called “Apeshit,” which, according to the review quote, could conceivably be among his “very best.” I can’t imagine how it wouldn’t be.

    1. You make some very serious and valid points HT! It would i think be interesting to see a list of ‘Haunted Vagina’ authors books as I’m sure the title’s would get ever more interesting!

      I also cannot fully confirm that Ms Meyer is not a bear!

  6. Oh my sainted aunt! Extreme ironing? Yes please!
    I actually thought you were pulling our collective leg until I got to the Corrie Ten Boom book. Which I have read. She was an amazing woman – first woman watchmaker in Holland, Underground Railway operator for Jews in WWII, concentration camp survivor…
    Also I note you have not included the collection of Ben Franklin’s lesser-known writings titled Fart Proudly. (I kid you not.)
    Glad to have you back! The best advice on grief I’ve ever heard is “it’s ok to be happy when you’re happy and it’s ok to be sad when you’re sad.” And, I would now add, it’s ok to laugh inappropriately at terrible titles when you want to πŸ™‚

    1. Bless you Deborah. Yes I had a feeling about the Corrie Ten Boom book being somewhat profound inside, but I kept it in and yes I saw ‘Fart Proudly’ and kept it out! Lol!

      I think laughter is an antidote to grief…when one feels ready of course and the list certainly made me smile. That good feeling is what I wanted to share on my first wobbly post back.

  7. I know you’re hurting, My earlier condolences were truly sincere. But this … this post is too far out there, even for this column. Maybe take a bit more time off. You’ll get through it.
    Please know, no offense intended. Best wishes.

  8. Haha! Glad your back. I read “Tramp for the Lord”. If it’s the same book ( which I assume there would not be two books with that name), its a story about a lady in a concentration camp. I was a teenager when I read it…..and remembered it being a very sad story of a very strong lady. Who knew!!!!! :).

    Grief is a horrid B*tch. Hope your doing as well as you can be.

    1. Thanks HL. I appreciate both you and your kind comments. Nothing one can do about grief I think but wade through it and things start to normalize, so I’m wading. πŸ™‚

      I had my eye on that one thinking there is probably a meaningful story behind this title – but I still went for it! πŸ™‚

      1. It went with the other titles! πŸ˜‰.

        Yes wading through is a good analogy….sometimes you float….sometimes you go under. :(. Sometimes you just walk along slowly. Sending you much love.

  9. I laughed so freakin’ hard at these. Tears, seriously. Whales not waving back, Jesus doing the Carlton, 3rd editions of shitting in the woods and a zen master with with fart steam coming out his ass. Just stop. It’s too much.

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