Whyyyy Do Women Hate Women?!!!


There’s a new craze in China. A group of women will surround a woman accused of cheating with someone they know and strip her completely naked in the streets whilst kicking slapping, punching and even lobbing great lumps of poo at her!

No judge. No jury.

Just a bunch of vengeful witches. Where is the man she was unfaithful with (allegedly) – Either tucked up at home eating food his wife just made or sleeping with someone else. No justice needed for him apparently.
They even did this in front of a bawling child. No one in 3 video’s I have seen stepped in to help.

The goal? Excessive humiliation.




In the modelling industry, the people maintaining the status quo of photo-shopping women into stick insects and unnecessarily abusing and demoralizing young healthy sized women who want to be models are mostly women, not men.



It is women who uphold the derangement of female genital mutilation and carry it out on younger women to keep them ‘pure’ for men who have no need apparently to also be ‘pure.’



Women against feminism. Feminism to me is a little like religion. It means all different things to all different people. It’s original purpose has long since been bastardized by the passage of time and various groups of people translating it to fit whatever agenda they need it to fit. Today from what I discovered recently, it is WOMEN who are the most vocal against it.

I read one woman’s blog who somehow found every negative thing that happens in life to be the fault of feminism. Men can’t find work? Feminism. Lack of fathers? Feminism. Metrosexual men? Feminism. Bad weather? Feminism. Flat tyre? Feminism.

There is having an opinion about a subject and there is sounding rabid to the point of lunacy. Having read some of their blogs I felt that a few of these women against feminism had crossed that line some time back. What is interesting is that without original feminism these women would not be allowed an opinion, let alone use a computer to vent it.



How are men (on the whole) able to bond at all costs, whatever the weather? – I once read an article about a guy who beat up his wife and the majority of the men also reading it made excuses for him and stood shoulder to shoulder with him regardless – but a woman it seems will take up with her sister’s husband in a blink of an eye?

There was once a guy who wanted to run away with me, your humble Ed(!) leave his wife and two young kids and lavish gifts and travel on me! He was a nice guy, but I stopped seeing him even as a friend. I did this because:

1. I was a religious nut at the time, so morals and all that stuff.

2. His wife.

3. His children.

4. Why would I want to hang with a prick who leaves his young children?


Am I in the minority here?!!

Why don’t women have an equivalent to ‘Bro’s before ho’s?’

Will it ever change?

What are you doing about it as a mother or do you think it is not an issue?


98 thoughts on “Whyyyy Do Women Hate Women?!!!

  1. The story of those chinese women humiliating the female wrong doer, while letting the male go free, makes sense, showing lack of brains.

    But agreed that women perform the FGM’s, but Not for men? Go take a walk. It is done to ‘enhance’ the male’s pleasure, not for purity.

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