Should I Be Marketing More Or Posting More?

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63 thoughts on “Should I Be Marketing More Or Posting More?

  1. Just wondering, why is the text in this post an image file? Seems like you would get more traffic via SEO if you had text instead of an image. Google can’t “read” your image file to determine what your post is about like it can with text… at least I don’t think it can!


    1. Well spotted. You are right it cannot. However I could identify the image with keywords to assist SEO and I could be more studious about my URL title if SEO was the top priority on this particular post. I just could not be ‘assed’ as my limited time was of the essence. Why is it an image file? It was purely an aesthetic decision. I’m not keen on the font that goes with this theme and changing it is in my list of things to do, but I have to prioritize.

      Thanks John.

      1. Right on, thanks for explaining why you used an image file.

        I was just curious, and now I know why!

        Looking forward to the rest of your series on marketing!

        When’s the next one coming out?


      2. I try and get one out a week, but I’m also working on a more informative format to cover all grounds as my theme etc has it’s limitations on making tech-ier information clear and easy to read. 🙂

    1. Tealight, you are 2 months in. It’s normal! 🙂
      You have absolutely done the right thing already which is jump in and start. Answers, direction, methodology, purpose and exciting new goals will all unfold the more you write and upload. All you have to do is continue to show up.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you….and here goes my next blog! Can’t wait to get back from Africa to start my campaign with ‘you know who’…LOL…of course I’ll have to blog more, but at least I’ll get a feeling of something actually happening?! 🙂 Thanks for your invaluable advice. You are very smart you know. But you knew that, because you have half of the UK following you! lovely lady… x x x

    1. Hey Lady D! Thank you for your kind words. Yes I agree you should blog more because you have an advantage a lot of folk don’t have and that is you are naturally good at writing. You just need to do the techy bits to get more people there to see that.

  3. I have found what you’re saying to be absolutely true here on WordPress. I started out being so thrilled to be able to communicate with people from all over the world that I just started visiting and letting people know how I felt. They visited me right back, and an international family was born. I teach creative writing classes, and I always encourage my students to create blogs. It offers so much great creative interaction and (with all the writing challenges out there) tremendous opportunities to experiment and work at disciplining our writing, automatically making it better. One of my students last night asked how you get people to visit you, and I told her — and the whole class — “you go out there and visit other people, and — on WordPress — they come right on over and love you — and you love them; then before you know it, you have a growing family.”

    However, for a period of time, I set up a couple blogs on Blogger, and I did not find the same situation at all. I visited scores of other bloggers on that network — read their work and commented seriously and conversationally — just wanting to meet them and interact with other writers out there. Because I visited from my blogspot site, they had no extra work in order to comment, but still no one bothered. Over a period of doing that for months, not one single blogger responded to me. I was astounded because I had had such a great experience here on WP. (I hadn’t deleted my WP sites, but I was wanting more control of my site without paying money, and that’s why I experimented with Blogger.) Needless to say, I don’t even bother with personal blogs on Blogger any longer, and I never recommend it to new bloggers.

    1. Them Blogger folks are a weird bunch! Lol! No I’d have to agree it is a different system and mindset over there and a yet different one with the other WordPress which I have also experimented with. Not bad, just different. I have blogs on all of those platforms.
      And yes communication and getting to know folks is such a gorgeous thing. Sure there’s lots of tips and tricks one can do at pro level or to earn from one’s blog but also If you come into this pure of heart plus a little spunk and determination I think anyone could get somewhere.

      Plus we’re cut from the same cloth you and I, we love words!

      Get the cookies out I’m popping over!

    1. neighsayer I got into this lark quite some time ago and I can honestly tell you that there is no such thing as a blog that no one wants to hear or one that has no chance.
      Some unusual subjects that I have seen that have done well would bore me to tears but so what? There is an audience for it. Your job as a blogger is to find your audience. If your stuff is very niche you have to be extra clever and thoughtful about it. You will find less of an audience from a generalized platform…but there WILL be an audience for anything. None of us are THAT unique!
      So to answer your queston. Yes. 😉

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