Tour George Clooney’s Home!

George-Clooney-home21To celebrate what looks like George Clooney’s impending nuptials I thought I’d take you around his smart masculine home before it gets a woman’s touch!

We learn a little about his home style, his beliefs and humanitarian activity and get a glimpse into his warm nature.

Take the tour here.


31 thoughts on “Tour George Clooney’s Home!

  1. He certainly seems to be a lover of books! hmmm, wonderful. πŸ™‚ and yes, he so needs a womans touch, actually, a little ‘TradeRoutz livingStyle’ touch would be ‘just the ticket’! LOL..thanks for showing us this, very interesting! πŸ™‚

  2. It’s not one of those overly lavish and extravagant celebrity homes that I have seen in the past. Thinking of someone like the late and great Joan Rivers’ apartment. I wonder if the apartment will just get a makeover or if they will move to a many roomed Hollywood mansion??

    1. I hope not Glenn. Because although a man should make changes to accommodate his new lady and vice versa, coupling should not change THEM intrinsically I believe. And Mr Clooney doesn’t sound like that kind of OTT person, to be fair neither does she.

  3. Well, this certainly beats any bachelor pad, I’ve ever stepped into! If my partners mates lived like this, I’d be more than happy to visit their homes. Then again, it’s George Clooney. Did we expect anything less. Umm….no.

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