Folks! Help me Decide!

homestyle makeover 3This is the story…

One of our dear readers, Ashley, is going to live here:




The sofa is going. Something about temporary something or other…yadda yadda. Anyhoo she wants to purchase a new one but thinks that she may be batting above her weight with her choices. (i.e she thinks they may be too posh!)

See these 2 lovely specimens? (Dwell and Ikea)…

Grey-Laguna-Sofa Soderhamn-SofaShe wants to know …bearing in mind she doesn’t like that wallpaper so that’s going and she will change the curtains to match better…

Heeelp!…Which would you choose for her space (if any) and why?!!


95 thoughts on “Folks! Help me Decide!

  1. Definitely the grey. It’s stylish and looks comfy too, but……….is it comfortable? hmmm…When choosing couches, comfort is so important, just as much as style, and it’s amazing what can be found that incorporates both, without compromising anywhere. She could always put the TV onto the wall with the other cabinets to make room (space) in that room, which will give her a wider choice as to what sofa size to go for. Sometimes a bit broader can mean a wee bit more comfort, OR, adding a great ottoman into the space to rest tired legs on is always stunning. So, move those cupboards up up up, and create more floor space.

    It’s all about comfort as well as beauty. No good living in a museum. When we sit back, we have to be comfy when drinking that all important glass of wine πŸ™‚ Good luck to your friend. Oh, if she needs an uber gorgeous lamp? you know where to send her! πŸ™‚ Just saying x x

      1. πŸ™‚ Great minds think alike my lovely! but it’s true, taking those cabinets and moving them up is the only way to go. That, or replacing them with units! um…yeah, something we are delving into….just saying πŸ™‚ x x x

        oh, I just thought that another thing she could do, is get some floating shelves in there. They look great, remove the bulk of mostly not needed cabinets, and then….(she could go for a wall unit for the TV, you know, a shabby uber chic one) – I know of a company that makes them πŸ™‚ x x x

  2. If a decision hasn’t been read I really recommend – they make sofa’s from scratch and the quality is brilliant. They have lots of lovely designs and colours etc and they deliver at a time convenient for you (they turned up on time and were delightful!). The after service is also really good. The price is around the same as Dwell as well. Anyway I thought it might help!

  3. Dark grey for me! I despise a multitude of loose cushions as I never know where the extras should be put in order to sit comfortably. Floor? On top of a cupboard/unit? Behind the couch? The dark grey looks as if it will seat 3 comfortably and serve as a stretch-out-for-one if you want to spend a lazy day on the couch watching movies on the TV.

  4. The first one would fit the room nicely but the second looks more comfortable. In my opinion neither is perfect but if I had to choose, the second. I sacrifice the room space before leg space.

      1. Yeah unless you are lucky to have shorter legs. I’m not super tall, I’m 5’4″. I like laying my legs on sofas when at home. More comfortable.

  5. Ok one more opinion:)….
    I read one of the comment about ” I am old” and my back would be broken…. Lol….I am old too….my back has been literally broken many time by horses….and I prefer firm…really firm…and straight…sofas….. So let say your reader already tryied both sofas….and these 2 are fine for her ” cosy” needs…..
    I read another comment…about the fashionable color….this lady is right…..white will match all different kind of designs…. I would suggest the white sofa, painting only one wall in taupe or dark gray( or even chocolate color …so she can keep the curtains which could match her pendant wall) leaving the other walls white would give an interesting dimension to her room….emphasizing her white sofa…..
    Have fun with your design

  6. I agree with the many comments about the comfort of the sofa being of paramount importance. Neither of the suggested sofas look like snugglers. You need to go together to many stores and do a lot of sitting and honesty, the sofa will be a member of the family for a long time. (Don’t forget to measure, and another consideration is door size to get the new sofa in through.) You and others mentioned curtain color, but the other ‘fixed’ color in the room is the carpet. Blue would clash less with this than grey, I think. Surprisingly, white, removable cotton covers are really easy to keep clean because you can wash and bleach them.

    1. Yep, yep and yep. The carpet is definitely another issue. In my mind’s eye it’s always been gone and replaced (for me, at least) with lovely wood floors and a rug.
      And you are spot on with the measurement issue. Every neighbour a family member has had so far have had to go through said family members house with their sofa. It’s a very important point, not to mention highly inconvenient!

  7. Both are a little modern, and don’t appear to be too comfortable for a weekend nap or two. Do you ever have people over? Spilling red wine, or anything else for that matter, on a light couch could cause you more than a few moments of pain. I’d stick with what you have until you’ve decided on the wallpaper. Just label me been there, done that and trying to spread our ‘few’ missteps with furniture selection throughout the blogosphere.

    1. Lol! Hallo Julie. I get it…totally! 6 Umbrellas you say? (Shouldn’t it technically be 9? – I just saw these very cute doggy umbrella’s! So I’d say 9 with one teetering on the edge because of …ahem…toileting issues!) Anyhoo…I get it and great advice! πŸ™‚

  8. As an interior designer,, I would choose neither!Both sofas have loose cushions on the back and thus have no support. A tight back sofa or attached cushions that fit the back of the sofa will have better back support and last longer.Has she tried out several styles? Also getting a light color to blend in with the wall color ( should also be a neutral like light grey) will create the illusion the room is larger than it is.

  9. Well, since you asked: Personally, I wouldn’t have either one of them — even if it were free. I hate sofas with only movable cushions along the back. I want a sofa that has a thick, slightly firm, but super comfortable seat and thick, slightly firm, but super comfortable back. I can always add cushions, but they inevitably move around when I don’t want them to move, and they are never a comfortable replacement for a normal back. I cannot imagine anyone actually relaxing on either one of these pieces. They are both beautiful — but more as a work of art. And as a secondary piece in a room with plenty of other comfortable seating, they’d be perfect. But as her only sofa —– what can she be thinking of? No, no, no!

  10. I am quite partial to the first one because it’s more neutral. We recently bought grey couches as well and accentuated them with turquoise throw pillows. I’ve been thinking that if I ever get tired of the living room’s current look, I can change the throw pillows to pink or any other pastel colour and it would look fresh to our eyes right away. The second sofa, though very chic, is also too wide towards its front. I think it might take so much space. πŸ™‚

  11. Neither. They’re both ugly and appear uncomfortable. I’d keep the temporary one (if it’s really leather) because it looks like something on which one could recline and read a good novel. Furniture might have sculptural attributes, but it’s job is to be comfortable and comforting.

  12. Personally, I like the top one. It looks a little more comfortable and has a bit more of an arm rest than the bottom one. The bottom one looks like it would be hard to sit in and lean back while keeping your feet on the ground. That may just be the short person viewpoint that I have though. πŸ™‚ Ignoring that part though, I still like the top one.

  13. If the curtains were going to stay, I would suggest the blue sofa. The color scheme is actually beautiful: light blue, and chocolate together… But i personally love the grey one simply because there will be so many more options to add color to the rest of the room – even red curtains and / or throw pillows, rug can accent that nice steel grey color. Basically the grey sofa will allow for flexibility – leave her open to change the accent colors in the future. I love the blue sofa too, but like I said – unless the curtains are going to stay and the room will keep with that color scheme, or another that works as well with the light blue – I would choose the grey instead. With the blue couch, while I love that choice as well, will limit options to change it up in the future. Another bonus? The grey will also disguise any spills. flaws, or accidents that will weather the couch over time. Those things are sure to be harder to hide or correct with the light blue couch. Just my opinion.

    1. And an excellent one at that! Yup I see a red colour really working too and the throw cushions and other great accessory options being easily adopted by the grey sofa.
      The curtain should defo go for me.
      Thanks Twig! πŸ™‚

  14. I would choose the first one; the gray one, because it looks the most comfortable. Also, the color looks very versatile and looks as though it could be paired with any number of other colors. But, I’m not exactly confident about my ability for interior design, either πŸ˜›

  15. I would choose the lighter piece because the room already has dark contrast with the carpeting and wood furniture. The lighter piece (blue on my computer) will help brighten up the space with the natural light and white walls. Looks great to me! Hope this helps!

  16. The light blue one looks better however she might want to measure the area first. That looks like a very narrow living room. Perhaps she should consider omitting the shelves/drawers on the left and get a tv wall mount instead. A small round coffee or end table might also take away some of the boxy feel to the space. Lighter colors too will open it up so the curtains should go.

  17. I reckon something that big should be in a neutral shade, unless it’s going to be the focal point of the room – a statement sofa, one might say. The blue isn’t obtrusive, but being a pale colour might look bigger than it actually is, and thus dwarf the room.
    Just my opinion!

    1. Waaaaa haaaa! Lol! I hear you loud and clear! This is what to do: Print off the pics. Gather said Bosses for an important meeting. (Lure with treats if necessary). Show them both pics. The one left with the less drool and chew spit and less ripped to shreds is the winner!
      Buy it and prepare to sit perched near if not on the actual arm of chosen sofa.

  18. I have a really hard time choosing something like a sofa from a picture. The second one looks cool but I can’t see it being a comfortable sofa for relaxing, I would choose the first one!

  19. Neither,pick something you can picture yourself cuddling up on with a good book or good friend or love or all of the above. Though the two choices are works of art probably with price tags to match,they are not the sofa that has ever been described in a literary masterpiece as one that magic was made on.
    Good luck in finding that perfect couch for the potato.

      1. I was only using the TV in the picture as a clue for comfort. I know I am old but if I watched TV on one of those sofa’s I would have a back ache.
        Can’t help it I am just a traditional girl.
        I have one like the second one in my formal living room, but to tell you the truth I have never sat on it.

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