92 thoughts on “Passwords! We’ve All Been There!

  1. Too funny. The runner-up on “Last Comic Standing” did a bit that was similar. He made the comment, the website is telling you that your are not smart enough to shop with them if you cannot make up a creative password. He noted I am smart enough to shop elsewhere.

  2. Ha ha love that!
    Yes, as you say, we’ve all been there. So why don’t these ‘IT Experts’ (self proclaimed) come up with a universally acceptable criteria for setting passwords?
    Answer…because that would be too simple and deny them the opportunity to show how ‘clever’ they are (self proclaimed!).
    To me it’s simple…make the acceptable ‘rules’ of password setting two fold. One, a fixed length, say 8 characters, and two, include EITHER a number or an upper case character.
    There, not that difficult is it 😊

  3. OMG!! I’m crying I’m laughing so hard!! This is a must share!! absolutely hilarious! Thanks for cheering up my day. sooooo damn funny!

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