50 thoughts on “How To Get Your Confidence Mojo!

  1. Hi there,

    I woke up this morning and turned on my email. I saw ”theeditorsjournal” started to follow me. I, for a second, freaked out. Who? Which editor? What journal? for what? Why? HOW? So here I am on your blog reading. This post about confidence strike me.

    Thanks for the tips and the follow. I am still a shy writer, but I guess with the idea of “Laisser faire” I’ll just write anything about nothing and see where this adventure will lead me to.

    If you don’t mind. I might quote you on my first blog page. thanks again.


  2. In a way “Playing the persona” = “Fake it until you make it”. It works! I had not thought of picking a SPECIFIC persona to be but I like the idea. You’ve got Madonna…maybe I’ll be Katherine Hepburn-confidence, style, and little bit of sass. 😀

  3. Fabulous! Again, excellent advice. I’ve been eating up your Blogger tips. Keep them coming! My blog improves with every tip I read (Or at least I think so!!).


  4. Do I get to wear a costume too? Just joking. I think I get the idea of this but find it more helpful to imagine a fearless version of myself rather than someone else, lest I get stuck thinking the real me will never get past the fear. Sometimes I just don’t let myself think too hard about it and just hit submit. After all, it’s not brain surgery. No one will die as a result of what I’ve written. In theory…

  5. Thank you for your tip….I am half on my way for confidence….I am confident about my “organic Beauty tips”….and about the expertise in essential oils…but don t feel confident about my English….so challenging…and kind of frustrating….to write in your “third” language….I have so many things to say…and not enough words to say it…
    But I will make it:)))
    Thanks for the motivation you bring to me!!!

  6. Great advice and you are right that everyone is (or was) just as nervous as you were when you started. I certainly used to be, but I have just gotten beyond it now.
    Grace Kelly is always my confidence persona, but I try my hardest not to be ballsy! 😉

  7. (Computer issues…). Reminded me of this post, “You’re always thinking about the reader. Then you get sick of thinking about them and decide you’re going to do what you want- that’s when the audience really loves you.” -Mark Zusak

    1. It’s very true KatiB and some great true artists have emerged that way. But I can’t help feeling that if I went to visit someone – in whatever forum – stage, their home or their blog and they ignored my needs as their audience or guest I personally wouldn’t come again.
      I think you can do what you want but you can also consider your audience.

      1. No, I completely agree with you! I think he was trying to say just don’t let worrying about how people perceive your writing, rule what you write, if that makes any sense. I don’t think you should completely disregard them!

  8. Wow! Thanks for these tips. I am a confident writer, in fact, I think I am most confident when I write, yet I get these self doubts from time to time. Will apply these***

  9. Interesting read. It still happens to me sometimes, the self doubt bit but I will work on making sure I use the advice you posted. Thank you for sharing.

  10. confidence, yep something to be treasured. I think blogging has increased mine, plus it’s taught me a few lessons regarding topics to be blogged, and not. Politics, religion being high on the list

  11. This is very good advice — act like you’re fine. I’ve used this stragedy very often because it’s far better than passing out in front of people who are there to hear you speak.

      1. It happened when I was 12… I got up in church, I was supposed to go down to the front and give the invocation, I turned around, saw all the people, and fainted. I still get nervous but after 35 years in the classroom my attitude is, “I haven’t died yet from this and it won’t last long.” And, people who know say I’m an excellent speaker — because I pretend to be. 🙂

      2. You’ve got it down pat. It’s about telling your brain what the deal is and not letting your brain and fear get there first.
        I think for you, having conquered the first bit, is to start telling your brain that you really love public speaking, it’s not something to ‘get through’ and wouldn’t it be great it could LAST LONGER! That way YOU get to really enjoy it as much as your audience and no longer have to pretend.

      3. I know you’re right. I have to get to that place, too, if I’m going to do with my novels what I hope to do. But maybe that will be easier because I love them and I really want people to read them because they’ll also love them. It will be bringing a really great thing to others — I can imagine feeling very enthusiastic about speaking about them!

      4. Spot on again! Your obvious passion will shine through and will take over when you talk about your books. I hope you never lose that passion – in my experience it’s ever more rare these days.

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