Nina Simone – Stories Of An Icon!

nina simone 3 jpgWe have some great (unbelievable!) and untold stories on Ms Nina Simone. If you like your stars feisty, take no sh*t, wonderfully unhinged and super talented you will appreciate these stories.

See what I mean here.


26 thoughts on “Nina Simone – Stories Of An Icon!

  1. She was amazing. I’m interested to see the film, although I totally get the controversy around it. Hollywood is still mostly casting African American women who, as the article says, are “comfortably and aesthetically β€˜acceptable’ to white mainstream constructs of a what a Black woman is”, while women who look like Nina don’t get cast, even in the movie about her. That’s sad.

    1. It’s changing slowly with Lupita Nyongo and that lovely looking lady from The Walking Dead and a few others every now and then who pepper the mainstream.
      I can’t decide Cypress. One minute I agree with the idea that surely there MUST be a Black actress of similar hue who could do the job and then I think of Forest Whitaker and what Jill Scott said. Perhaps there is simply truth in both camps. Yes, they should have asked for Nina Simone’s daughter’s input for the film – but really they are under no obligation to… I’m undecided.

      1. I made some bread today. Ruined it. For some reason forget to put the yeast in. It’s now a rock hard specimen sitting on the table. I shall probably throw it at my brother just for the hell of it.

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