Man Survives Being Cut In Two!

I ain't beaten yet wop logo 3Hey y’all! In my career I’ve met a lot of achievers, both famous and not so famous and I loved collecting their stories. One thing they all had in common was an absolute blind refusal to give up when the load became too heavy.
The ability to pick oneself off the ground…(yet again!) and dust off the seat of our pants is in all of us. If you are experiencing tough times this little series of stories is for you. For some folk, who seem to have been handed it all on a plate, their stories will surprise you!


WHO? :  Truman Duncan

IS? :  Survivor of horrific accident.

SAID? :  ‘Life is good. Life goes on.’

On June 25th 2006 Truman Duncan was working as a railroad switchman in Cleburne Texas. He lost his footing, fell off a moving train and was left hanging onto the car. He was desperately trying to run backward and match the speed of the train when inevitably he was sucked under the carriage and pulled under. The wheels of the train ran over him, slicing him diagonally in half through his pelvis.


‘I Need 911.  I’m Cut In Two.’

For reasons unknown Duncan did not pass out from pain or blood loss and was able to listen to 20,000 pounds of dead weight slice him in two. In reply he pulled out his phone and called for Truman+Duncanassistance. The recording of his 911 call reveals a strangely calm but slightly breathless Duncan asking for help as he has been ‘cut in two.’

Life Today

Despite a great amount of blood loss Duncan was able to call his family whilst he was being extricated and swap endearments with them, not knowing if he would make it. But make it he did. He spent 3 hours in surgery having his wounds cleaned of gravel and dirt followed by 23 more surgeries over 4 months. He spent 3 weeks in a coma.

Truman today is ‘confined’ to a wheelchair but says he pretty much does what he did before albeit a little slower. He plays baseball with his son, he mows the lawn, he swims and has built a patio in his backyard. He also returned to his job at the rail yard.


 Grrr! Why YOU ain’t beat yet!

You are not beaten because….wow…..well…..where do I start??!! Duncan refused to be beat! His attitude was almost as calm as ‘yeah I’m cut in two, but I have family that needs me so therefore I’ll be going nowhere any time soon!’
The doctors are at a loss as to why he didn’t just bleed to death and have also put it down to his sheer decision to survive. The sheer audacity of his refusal to give in and fall asleep was remarkable. He had strong reasons. His family.

To me it says that crazy things are possible, so stay strong, refuse to surrender and let good things happen. This is one of those profiles that is pretty tough to beat and therefore gives us mere mortals perspective in our own lives and strength for whatever we may be going through.




44 thoughts on “Man Survives Being Cut In Two!

  1. I think that there are courageous, strong, triumphant people in this world, in order to give hope to the weak, the hopeless, the frightened and the ones who have lost all belief in themselves as well as the world.

    These alarming men and women, who survive horrific accidents against all odds, and still smile, always renew life and give it meaning to others who would otherwise have ended theirs.

    The ‘unbreakables’ are our unending hope.

  2. yeah I remember when it happened, not far from where I live. I remember listening to the 911 call.
    Amazing story, I am glad to know that now he’s living a happy life.

  3. Overwhelming and nearly beyond belief. Sometimes the body responds to trauma by cutting off the flow of blood to the wound and dulling the pain. It is quite common in animals and I have witnessed it many times but it seems to be a rare occurrence in humans. However, maintaining the attitude and stamina to continue into the future after such horrible tragedy comes from the person, not from natural reaction. A most powerful story.

  4. Inspirational, and amazing story ! A story like that really makes you pause, and reconsider the things going on in your own life. It definitely makes you realize that maybe what you’re going through isn’t quite as terrible, and unmanageable as you thought. Thank you for posting it.

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