Kids Bedrooms – Dream Designs!

Kids-Bedroom-24Oh my word! kids today really have everything don’t they? I would have died and gone to Heaven if my Ma presented me with (could have afforded) a kiddie boudoir like some of these! Both spectacularly imaginative and affordable these days. Would your children love these?

Kids-Bedroom--1 Kids-Bedroom-3 Kids-Bedroom-4 Kids-Bedroom-5 Kids-Bedroom-10 Kids-Bedroom-13 Kids-Bedroom-14 Kids-Bedroom-16 Kids-Bedroom-18 Kids-Bedroom-19 Kids-Bedroom-22 Kids-Bedroom-28 Kids-Bedroom-46 Kids-Bedroom-47 Kids-Bedroom-48 Kids-Bedroom-479 Kids-Bedroom-490 Kids-Bedroom-478 Kids-Bedroom-475 Kids-Bedroom-477 Kids-Bedroom-472 Kids-Bedroom-473


86 thoughts on “Kids Bedrooms – Dream Designs!

  1. I wish I had all the things that kids have nowadays. There are times when I have to buy some presents for my nephews or niece or some other friends’ children and yeah… I would buy so many for the kid that’s still there in my soul and that never had so amazing things as today.

  2. wow! I totally love these -I want one! 😉
    I actually considered one of these themed bedrooms for my own children, but given I’m not a millionaire and I HATE builders, carpenters etc taking over my house… I settled for the easy option. Simple sleigh beds that they can use till they leave home. White walls that they can add colour to with pictures and frames. Colourful rugs and curtains that even I can change without having to hire anyone…
    They’re happy, I’m happy… the bank balance is happy too lol 🙂

    1. Right? Our dreams are kiddies actualities today. Even stuff like the dodgy tech on shows like Star Trek eg hand held devices with the face of the caller. I’m just waiting for that transportation device they had / have.

      1. Yeah, but you can imagine the grey suits would suck the fun out of it with annual transporter pod tax and insurance! Not to mention the greenies would want some kind of punitive transporter emissions fee as rays would be damaging the ozone layer or some such.

      2. You’re right, of course. I was so taken with thoughts of futuristic suitcases that unfold to reveal mini transporter pads that take you right to your place of gainful employment to consider the red tape that would be involved. 😛

    1. I know right? Children today have access to so much RIGHT NOW that we didn’t have as kids. 24 hour info on their favourite stars, music at the click of a mouse, personal phones to natter all day – remember when you had to use the house phone? And now great bedrooms to keep it all in! 🙂

  3. Is anyone concerned about the marijuana propaganda poster in the VW van bedroom? I was unaware that pot is a hot theme with the elementary kids these days. But that aside, I would take any of these!

  4. And these should only be Kids’ bedrooms because…?

    Seriously, I want a bed designed to look like one of the Jungle Cruise tour boats. The only way to do that is if money suddenly became no object (lottery jackpot), but don’t think I’ll ever stop dreaming!

      1. The best I’ve been able to do so far is a bedframe made of logs. Had to stain and assemble it myself, and it weighs 200lb, but it’s better than nothing. Until I win the lottery {{cough}}

  5. Forget my kids…I want the nest one to myself! And of course, I’d make both my kids a VW room 🙂 These are so much fun! Now if only I were this creative…hahaha…
    Thanks for sharing!

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