Whad’ya Want From Me?

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22 thoughts on “Whad’ya Want From Me?

  1. Today I took the time to read a lot of your posts today. When I started mine (at blog.com) not knowing anything and they had no support or community at all ( I think they were reputable at one time and left to go fishing and didn’t come back) and it left me to figure out everything on my own. I lost months of writing getting reestablished here I love it here. I’m a happy camper. I was pleased as punch with myself because I had figured out quite a few of the things you mention and making efforts on the ones I didn’t know. I’m very serious about what I’m doing. It takes tremendous amount of time balancing writing, advertizing , reading and helping other bloggers who are new with a little love. I had to prioritize my time and drop a few other loves ( like gaming) That was hard to let go but it was such a time sucker. Both of my blood are important to me but one is seriously important because it involved a life other than my own. I just wanted to say thanks.

    1. Hey sonniq thank you. Bummer to have to drop anything you love but you start to realise no one is making up any more hours in the day so something has to give! I’ve been there!
      Excellent stuff with the blogging I really hope it works out to be what you want it to be. Just keep at it and keep learning as you go and I’m pretty sure it will.

  2. I love this Journal and this post which taught me so much. I am going to try and put it to the test. I have much to share but worry if anyone cares. How do I separate the motivation, dedication and inspiration I used for losing 180 pounds then on the next day using the blog as an outlet to help get through the loss of a grandparent, parent, and twin sons in the short period of 5 weeks.
    I would love your comments and suggestions and those of any other fellow bloggers as replies here or on my blog shesrambling.com

    1. People care. You have to reach them and you will see they care.
      The fact that your blog is called ‘She’s Rambling’ already tells the reader to expect any subject at any time, so you need only separate these topics by using categories and tags.
      But the second piece of your comment – did I read that right? That’s terrible. How are you coping?

      1. I can only live like there is no tomorrow, I owe it to my husband and daughter but I also owe it to my mom who died of brain cancer as a second primary after being a 14 year breast cancer survivor.
        She never complained about any of it only that she thought it sucked that she was not going to get her social security after paying in for all those years. It has taught me to be mellow, not let things bother me as much, to be kind and helpful and not be so stuck on getting to the top but enjoying all the sights along the trail. She would tell me that I had incredible talent and she knew I could do anything I wanted to.
        So my motto: There is nothing I can’t do there are only degrees of how well
        Our twins were born at only 25 weeks weighing a pound and a half each and being with us for only 17 days. Most likely as a result of the stress that goes with a great loss.
        Thank you so much for asking that as it relates to coping, making me think specifically about what I was doing and reminding me that the execution has been fading and it shouldn’t.

        Thanks again

      2. You are most welcome Kimbeerly (hope I’ve spelled that right), that’s a lot on one plate all at once but your mother has given you some amazing characteristics to see you through. I love her attitude about the social security and agree with her! 🙂

  3. Thank you for “answering” some questions I left… Idk I try to do that, depending on my post, and most of the time I don’t get any answers!! But I’ve just picked my blog back up so I’m still learning and appreciate any and all advice!

    1. I took a visit to your blog. It’s because you appear to have taken a large break and you are just starting up again. You first have to build the audience to ask those questions to! Just keep at it. I can see a little bit of interaction on social networks…and your writing is good – it’s all there, it will come if you don’t give up!

  4. Thank you! Such a simple thing that may reap benefits. I know I have a readership based on the site stats I can see. However, I’d like more interaction. It inspires me when my readers comment and I get great ideas for other topics. I edited a post and placed an invitation for readers at the end. I’ll continue this practice and see what happens.

    250k in 3 months!? Yikes!

  5. Hi. Thanks for the follow. (I did take some time, but walking the streets of Paris does have priority) interesting blog you have here. I’ll come back. Take care

  6. Thanks for more brilliant advice! I’ll try this on my next blog and just keep going with it. You’re a star, so grateful to you. x x

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