Mork Is Dead ~ Robin Willilams 1951 – 2014

robin williamsMore information here.


58 thoughts on “Mork Is Dead ~ Robin Willilams 1951 – 2014

  1. Well done! I enjoyed reading (though with sadness) the wide range of articles listed in your post. I’m not sure I will see another comedic genius in his league during my lifetime.

  2. Reblogged this on Ssieria76's Blog and commented:
    Definitely one of saddest news I’ve heard. He touched so many lives. I hope he finally found the peace he’s been searching for. My heart goes out to Robin’s family and I hope the media gives them the time and peace they desperately need right now…

    1. Hey wouldn’t that be great…or are we going to see, “I don’t get it he had a nice family a career and a nice home, what does he have to be depressed about?” Or “How selfish of him.” – I’ve seen a few of those already.

      1. Sadly I’ve seen the same thing – which is why I think we are so overdue for a serious discussion about mental illness.

        Mental Illness cares not about your education, income, job, family, the car you drive or the neighborhood you live in.

      2. …and the fact that it isn’t visible to the eye does not lessen it’s impact or relegate it way below physical illness.
        I think we are getting there, just mighty slowly. Like you, I’ve always thought a big celebrity death might help funnily and morbidly enough!

  3. Such a shame that people even as popular as this can feel so down and depressed. A great loss to comedy, movies and his family.

      1. Gonna miss him. Such a classy actor. And that to its suspected a suicide! Why is it always that the people who seem to be the happiest or make other happy turn out to be the saddest ones?

  4. Depression is an illness that takes it’s victims into the darkest places, that are impossible to describe. So deep is the pain, that the only way out for a person with severe depression, is often suicide. Most actors suffer from severe depression or bipolar. I personally always thought that Robin Williams had bipolar due to his incredible range of acting abilities.

    It sounds crazy but people with bipolar are incredibly talented, and if you look back at some of the worlds geniuses, they were all bipolar. (my next blog)….so, it’s a cruel illness. On one side of the scale is this enormous talent, and on the other, the risk of suicide lingers, as the depression looms overhead, threatening to choke and destroy and eat you alive.

    Death seems a welcome relief.

    A terribly sad loss. He was one of the worlds greatest talents. RIP. x

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