39 thoughts on “What you Do Makes The Difference!

  1. Doing what you love, is being who you are. Doing what you don’t like, is like being unfaithful to yourself, and you’ll never get where you want to be, and you’ll forget who you are.

    I believe that when we finally realise that life is to be lived, not waded through, like a stream of toxic thick waste, hating every second, and that we should believe in our own power of making every dream we have come true, we truly begin to live!

    We naturally become who we are, and our lives become effortless. Of course we have to work at what we want to achieve, but by working at what we enjoy, even if it takes a long time to ‘get it right’, it’s automatically a labour of love, bringing us home to ourselves, offering delight and a hunger for life.

    This also allows us to offer to others less fortunate, and provide them with the means to also do what they love, be who they are, and so begin to change their lives. It’s like one big circle!

    1. “Doing what you don’t like, is like being unfaithful to yourself,” “it’s automatically a labour of love, bringing us home to ourselves,”…there are some super great lines of truth in this comment. Take a bow. πŸ™‚

  2. I find your blog to be subtle yet strongly impactful . I have enjoyed my visit very much. I would also like for you to know how much of an honor it is to have an artist and writer such as yourself to follow my work. Thank you very much and I will return again shortly.

  3. Such a short sentence and so much to catch from it!!! Thank you for this post….and I have to say I am really honored that you are following my blog. I hope you will find a lot of interesting infos about all natural and organic cosmetics….which is a way to preserve our health as well as our children’s
    I am now discovering and following yours….and already read all your posts about blogging!!! Now “attacking” your other posts….with so much curiosity and pleasure.
    Thanks again

      1. Thank you so much…my toughest part is writing in English….but at least this topic is soooo much fun…
        and if I could change one woman health by writing about natural…..my mission would be accomplished ;)…. I am a dreamer…

  4. It’s the part where its not pretty and doesn’t come easy that is hardest to endure – I just have to remind myself that its most always worth it. Here’s to the blessings that come from hard work and dark times!

  5. I have a picture in my apartment that says: Action is where Faith becomes real. I know that the act of taking the risk and “doing” is the only place that you have to move/change your life. It’s where the rubber meets the road. Great Post!

  6. Thanks for this! I think there’s a lot to be gained from every now and then asking myself those three questions: who/where am I, who/where do I want to be, and what am I going to do about the difference between the two?

  7. I would dovetail this with parenting – the difference between who your children are and who you want them to be is what you do, not what you say.

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