High Traffic Blogging Topics

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47 thoughts on “High Traffic Blogging Topics

  1. This list is great! But i guess we have to go out of our own zone if we want to attract a bigger audience base! Are there any other ways to increase more blog traffic? I’d love to gain some loyal and regular readers with my posts. πŸ˜€

  2. Question for ya. Do you think that a blog can be successful if it has a smattering of various topics (sometimes I post recipes, sometimes a craft project, sometimes photos and experiences from travelling, sometimes political/social commentary)? Or would you recommend sticking to one theme? I’m going to keep doing my blog how I do it either way, but I’m just curious about your perspective on that.

      1. Different topic WB but the principle is the same. If you are the driving force of your blog as with Deborah it can carry most topics because they are part of who you are and your interests. It is personality centred more than product or topic centred.

  3. Thank you for these helpful blogging posts. I read through them and even took notes. Please continue to teach us and impart your wisdom πŸ™‚ I really appreciate it!

  4. I love this. Hope to read and learn more from you! I’ve been writing my blog for about four months now and I know I need to kick it up a notch if I’m ever going to attract more followers. Thanks again!

  5. Question (but deep thank you first) – I have a blog for my online shop, so, should I open a NEW blogging page/site in order to blog on the topics you suggest, as I believe I could be quite good at them, but I’m not sure if they’ll be an odd fit if blogged on my online dΓ©cor and accessories site? like ‘finding peace’ on a dΓ©cor site?? bit odd no? should be more like ‘BUY a piece!’ LOL – on my current site…..but what do you say/suggest?

    what says you my fabulastic mentor who I am eternally grateful for?

    1. Well, speaking as a fabulastic mentor *cough!* πŸ™‚ I personally think they can fit on one blog and here’s how you do it.
      You make sure people are clear on what your main topic is i.e your shop and your interior design advice and products. You can do this with a sticky post at the top of the page for example – just a short introduction maybe with a headshot.
      You can get away with it because you do have personality and can position yourself as the key person driving the whole thing as opposed to a cold business or corporate brand. YOU are the element that ties it all together.

      As you are indeed the key personality it is possible that you have other interests. I can see a category on ‘finding peace’ or yoga for example fitting in with your beautiful teak lamps – you see how they can connect? You write your post on finding peace and then offer products that might enhance the topic at the bottom of the post. How beautiful would it be to turn off all the main lights, close the curtains and meditate with just the lamps on for example?

      If you can make these kind of connections so much the better. It ties it all in and makes it all make sense and positions your interiors teaching even stronger. Under a ‘Lifestyle’ banner you could pretty much include most things or indeed as I said, you as the key personality writing the blog can tie it all together with well marked categories.

      1. Oh wow! I never received this reply in my ‘inbox’, and so I only read it now! Thank you so very much. Truly, that is why you are my fabulastic mentor! Seriously, this is the best advice, I hadn’t ever looked at my products this way, and yet I ‘talk’ about them in this way, and live my life this way. How odd?? πŸ™‚ Sometimes we don’t see the wood for the trees, and that’s when our angels come calling πŸ™‚ Thank you x x

  6. I am in a transition on my blog from commenting on Campus Issues to Blogging on issues to do with social media and it’s use in Kenya.

    Check it out at ww.denshispeaks.wordpress.com

  7. Nice post, EJ! I agree completely, especially about “Day 62 of my interminable misery” haha! That really made me laugh, which sounds kind of mean, because depression is serious, of course. Still, in my very early days I had a few followers I simply could not follow myself for posts exactly like that. 😒 “Mom always loved my evil sister best and why is everybody so xxxxxx horrible to me? Life xxxxx sucks…I hate everyone….”

    In a side note, it is the xxxxx words that make it impossible to read or follow some. No Pollyanna disrespect intended, but if one has no standards, what do they have, really? P.S. I am glad to see I fit in under “How to Raise Chickens!” Haha!

    1. It’s true. Curse words certainly have a role and are actually more effective when used sparingly and genuinely. And yes that category is just for you lol! πŸ™‚

      See you are like me. You actually want to follow and keep up with people and it’s too frequently the bloggers own barriers that stop you.

  8. My most popular post of all time is a list: Great Wizards of Literature. I had no idea it would be read so often or I might have chosen my words more carefully!
    Food for thought here, certainly – and you’re so right about not blogging on a topic that doesn’t ‘fit’ just because it’s a generally popular topic.

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