Get Away To Nature


An escape from the grind! Located in the village of Comporta, an hour drive from Lisbon, Cabanas no Rio is a lovely romantic escape for those in love with nature. It is designed by architect Manuel Aires Mateus and consists of two wonderfully restored fishermen huts. One is an elegant double bedroom with en-suite bathroom and the other is a living room with a small well-appointed kitchen, both overlooking a stunning landscape.

Can you see yourself here? Or is it a little TOO rustic for you?

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46 thoughts on “Get Away To Nature

  1. I’m in love with being in nature. Nothing tops it. It’s where we are meant to be!

    An inner instinct handed down from our ancestors who, for centuries lived in nature, comes to the fore when we are left alone with the elements, and somewhere in the back of our minds, or, in the depths of our souls, a sweet smell arises that tells us ‘all is well within our world’. For the time we allow ourselves a break from pixelated reality, to what is really true, it is then that we fully come alive. Dance with the moonlight around a bonfire…………..ok, I’m getting into my ‘zone’…

    To answer your question? I love this little spot. It has all one needs when out in the elements, it is close to the water (essential OR a forest is good), and it has no clutter. I also love that it’s made from wood. I could spend a few weeks here on my own, contemplating life as well as growing my inner peace. πŸ™‚

      1. oh c**p, that’s me done for!! πŸ™‚ You’ve just ruined my whole dream of water and dolphins and magic and fairies, and dancing in the moonlight, and, and, and…humph…..:)

  2. So amazing. I would love to go back to Portugal – one of the best vacations ever! I want to go back and stay here by the water!

  3. Hello! Not farway from where I live. Gorgeous beach nearby, on the other side of the Atlantic. The huts are located on the side of the bay. Nearby restaurants with unforgetable gastronomy. Good wines and cheese. Good romantic place indeed to ignite you lover side.

  4. Love the pics .. What an amazing place .. I am not really a nature lover person and would love to spend my vacations in the city .. yet that would be a great place to go to with your lover and recharge your energy πŸ™‚
    Have a good day .. xoxo

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