The Frog And The Tower

frog 2
The Race

There once was a bunch of tiny frogs who arranged a running competition, (you know how frogs do!)  The goal was to reach the TOP  of a very high tower. A big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants. Then they were off!

No one in the crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reach the top of the tower and they began to yell things like:

Oh, WAY too difficult!!”
“They will NEVER make it to the top”.
“Not a chance that they will succeed. The tower is too high!”
The tiny frogs began collapsing one by one, but there were some that were managing to climb higher and higher.

The crowd continued to yell:

“It is too difficult!!! No one will make it!”


Giving Up

More tiny frogs got tired and gave up. But one frog continued higher and higher and higher.

The froglette naysayers began to take notice. This one wasn’t giving up!

At the end, every other frog had given up climbing the tower except for the one tiny frog who, after great effort, was the only one who reached the top!
All of the other tiny frogs naturally wanted to know how this one frog managed to do it?


How Did The Frog Do It?

A contestant asked the tiny frog who had succeeded how she had found the strength to reach the goal?

It turned out…that the winner was deaf.

The point to remember when trying to conquer the world(!) is






92 thoughts on “The Frog And The Tower

  1. Reblogged this on Crossroads and commented:
    Reading this story from another follower of mine, which reminded me of the same one I always tell to my drug offenders during my group counselling session with them.

    I thought that the moral of the story should be this:

    To be selectively deaf and actively seeking to excel no matter what the circumstance is!

  2. I needed to read this today, I am looking at a career change and I’ve heard many shouting, “you can’t make it, it’s too hard”, I’m going to channel my inner def frog. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Rachel there’s a saying…something about you who think it can’t be done could you step aside with your BS so those who are doing it can just get on with it?

      Of course I have mauled the original but you get the drift. 🙂

  3. I think they would have a speed-hoping contest. Also, saw the ending coming. I think (although it’s difficult to argue with success, for you did get 70+ comments) it would be kind of funny to pull the rug from under the reader’s expectation, in some manner as this:
    When the tiny frog got to the top of the steep hill, Kermit ran up to her with a microphone and asked how she managed to do it. The tiny frog didn’t answer and kept catching her breath. After the third time he asked, he realized what was going on and said, “Ahh, I think I know what’s going on. . .you’re. . . ”

    “Yes,” broke in the tiny frog. “I’m an American frog. I never give up! USA, USA, USA!!”

    1. Then the bloodwork came back. Turns out she was all “hopped up” on steroids, cocaine, painkillers, and amphetamines.

      Hope you’ll excuse me. Just having some fun with this whole thing. 😀

      I hope that’s okay, because it is “The Editor’s Journal.” I have a pensient for editing.

  4. As a child I was told this story I like it so much….when u believe in your heart about something one should cut out people’s opinion….
    Incontext to this my dad use to tell me an old saying….when as a child I would get hurt by people’s opinions, he use to tell dogs bark behind an elephant will not hear or bother he will continue his journey… 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on crampedwriting and commented:
    This is a cute way to remember that sometimes you have to push through barriers to achieve your dreams. Sometimes those barriers are other people, and sometimes those barriers come from our own minds.

    It’s okay to keep going when everyone else *knows* you’re just trying to do the impossible. It’ll be those people, in the end, who will sit gawking in amazement at your accomplishments. Remember to never let them say “I told you so”.

  6. So powerful and SO TRUE. We MUST turn a deaf ear to everything and everyone who speaks failure to us. And we must just as carefully guard our own attitudes and our own tongues when communicating with others. Most people really do not understand the power in words or the degree of influence we have on each other by those words.

  7. wow! That story is indeed a…….. story! Lol… 😀
    Okay, i wanna act like the deaf frog now (but hey, frogs aren’t so cute lol).. That was really inspiring.
    Thanks for following me dear. Nice to meet you!

  8. This is AWESOME! I will have to share this with my kids! What a great lesson to start my day today! Thanks for sharing…now I’m gonna share this on my blog … 🙂

  9. hmmm, I do love this story, and as I pictured the teeny frog scrambling to the top of the tower (literally) as in my head I didn’t turn this into a real life scenario haha, my heart loved the frog! I can’t stand frogs. I’m terrified of them! Probably coz I stood on one once and it was sooooo icky!! eeek, seriously!! So thanks for making me love frogs again LOL

    But in all sincerity, the moral of the story is spot on, and this very scenario is what keeps so many people in fear. Questioning what they are doing, why they are doing it, and then the ‘what if’? creeps in, as others, who simply cannot and will not see the vision or excitement of the one who is trying so hard to make their lives work in every way, keep them questioning themselves feeding their fear and insecurity.

    UNLESS, they have the courage of the deaf frog, and when all around them, the other frogs are falling, as well as looking at them with serious cross eyes, coupled with a sneer or two, as well as continuing to try instil doubt and fear in an attempt to make them give up, that one little frog keeps going……and when he or she reaches the place he/she wants to be? what joy! what a wonderful feeling, what an achievement, as not only has the courageous frog ‘made it’ but the courageous frog also achieves happiness, learning many important lessons in that climb. 🙂

    1. sorry, I DID turn this into a real life scenario! hahaha (frogs climbing up towers)…no, I’m not smoking the good stuff LOL..

    2. Yeah it’s so important to overcome one’s fears to get where you need to get to isn’t it? No one’s saying it’s easy peasy but we should keep trying.

      On another note, that poor squished frog! 😯

      1. certainly not easy peasy, I agree, but the journey is worth the wonders along the way.

        Oh as for the frog! haha, I didn’t squish it, I felt this cold, wet blob under my foot – in the dark, and jumped 10 feet into the air!! Thank goodness I tread lightly, so I didn’t squish it, I just kind of bruised it I think. eeeuww, the memory makes me twitchy, and my toes are curling!!! eeeek ( strange smiley face here that I can’t find, but it’s here, NO smile, this stuff is real! ) 🙂

  10. This post is so inspiring I frickin love it! Had this conversation with my 9 year old goddaughter earlier who has an amazing singing voice but is scared to sing. Her reason for this is that one time her class laughed at her for singing. I told her to let them laugh but don’t stop singing because of what they think, if she enjoys singing she should sing. They may all be screaming her name one day!

      1. I have only just seen this response, sorry. I never knew that about Christina, I will be sure to tell her. Haha she is my goddaughter, not mine. Love kids but love handing them back too 🙂

  11. As they say, “he who says it cannot be done should not interrupt he who is doing it”.
    On the other hand, “if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs – it’s quite possible you haven’t grasped the situation”. 🙂

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