94 thoughts on “Love What you Do!

  1. Beautiful posts of hope and inspiration!β™₯
    Thank you for dropping by my amateur craft blog with your warmth and for following, too.
    Do take care and stay awesome, too πŸ™‚

  2. The above quote and photo are very true! I would even go so far as to say, there is no point in doing something you do not love to do! If you do not love what you are blogging about for example…you should not be blogging about it.

    Thank you for the follow by the way.

    Cheers! ^_^

  3. Reblogged this on Capt Jills Journeys and commented:
    So true!
    I tried hard to find work I really loved. I used to REALLY love sailing (working at sea).
    Now, the lawyers and accountants have taken all the fun out of it. It’s much harder to see the value of this lifestyle now a days.
    I still love being out here on the ocean and still can’t think of anything I’d rather do. I hope I can find a place to work again where I can enjoy it like I used to.

    1. It’s a toughie ain’t it? Once the grey suits get hold of anything they leech the life and joy out of it! But one can usually find a way around them – although for work at sea that may be a challenge Capt Jill!

      1. yes, it’s hard. I do think I’m much better off than most. i did try to work in the office last spring when there was no work for me offshore. I was hoping to hell they would fire me. I only lasted a month there. As soon as someone came up with another job offshore, I was gone!
        I do love being out at sea. It’s just a whole ‘nother world. Used to be we could escape the crap going on ashore, but now with email, etc. that’s just not possible anymore. The office runds the ship more than the captain does.

      2. “Used to be we could escape the crap going on ashore” – must have been lovely. That vibe reminds me of being on a film shoot for 6 months or going on tour. Sad times.

        What I would say is, without knowing much about being out at sea but understanding the scenario of freedom and escapism from the daily grind and the ‘what happens at sea / on tour / on location, stays at sea / on tour / on location’ vibe, is step out of it and view it from the outside.

        Whilst you can’t change the system as it becomes more embroiled in red tape, is there anything YOU can do to salvage what you love about being out at sea and all the things it gives you?

  4. Reblogged this on myheartwillbeblessed and commented:
    My senior year of college is coming up and right now I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life. I’m torn between what I’d love to be doing and what I know is practical for my adult life/career. I wonder and hope that gets somewhat clearer as I get older.

    1. Fancy revealing what it is you would love to be doing and what you know would be practical for your adult career Skyler? Because I have never believed that they have to be at odds with each other and in my life they never have been.

  5. So very true, however sometimes it’s not enough to love what you do. If you are in the wrong environment it will make your life miserable no matter how much you love what you do. Been there – done that – finally made a change. Much better now even though I am not working full time – which leave me time to do this (writing) and spending more time with grandkids. πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah but you made the change! I think love what you do includes who you do it with, where you do it and how you do it. I think it’s about reminding yourself that you don’t have to stay anywhere and put up with crapola in your life. I interpret that to mean the whole kit kaboodle.

  6. I really believe that we can have amazing accomplishments though our passion for certain things. We have within us a power we don’t realize until we do the most loved activity in our life. When you love something, it doesn’t matter how hard it may seem for others; as for us is the greatest feeling in the world just doing it πŸ™‚

  7. I think in a lot of ways we have lost touch with THIS sentiment as so many of us have been told to embrace the inverse: do what you love.

    My first real job out of high school was delivering drywall. I didn’t love that, that’s for sure but there were aspects of it I came to enjoy. I loved the workout (I was LEAN and strong back then with tremendous cardio!), the independence (once I left the shop, I was pretty much on my own with my swamper-partner until we returned empty) and a number of other things (to this day I still remember how much I enjoyed driving 3 ton trucks with 10 forward gears fondly).

    I left after 5 years to start cleaning heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and found enjoyment in the simple actions, attention to detail and making a difference for people with allergies.

    For the past 15 years, I’ve been a videographer and I love that too. More of what I do on a daily basis is enjoyable to me but I still miss aspects of ever job I ever had.

    Not one of those things is something I grew up ACHING to do but somehow I found little enjoyments in each of those things.

    I’m not sure all jobs have that opportunity – I can’t imagine the person who strings a hog up on the abattoir having a lot of opportunity for enjoyment in his/her job – but finding things to like in everyday tasks can certainly make for a more enjoyable work day.

    1. I interpreted it as MAKE SURE you love what you do, therefore stick at it until you find yourself in a position where you can unreservedly say you love what you do AND do what you love. But there you go! πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for the reminder!
        Love What You Do – This does result in great output, and can birth fulfilment in the process.

        Do What You Love – This starts with enthusiasm, proceeds in fulfilment, and results in great work.

        Whichever comes first, it helps to be properly instructed on the job we (want to) love. Once in it, we’ve got to give our best and deliberately do great work. We owe ourselves that respect :).

  8. my life is full of awesome and interesting jobs…lol…

    Job One – Officially (right now) I am working as a trainee addictions counselor. As an addictions counselor in training I am working with people who are wanting to get their lives on track without substance abuse influencing their lives any longer.

    Job Two – Writing a fictional book on the exploration of a jungle by a group of very interesting men. I will find out in August if the Canadian Counsel of the Arts deems it as a qualifier for their Indigenous Writers Program which starts on September 15, 2014.

    Job Three – A keynote speaker for the 2014 Indigenous Womens Conference which will be held in Cairns Australia in October.

    Job Four – Completion of the second book in my Traveling Truths series.

    Job Five – Starts in September 9, 2014

    All are awesome, exciting and lots of fun…loving my life and loving my jobs.

      1. Its been a battle to get to where I am and I can only thank and praise God for bringing me through all the trials and tribulations…He is my salvation and my future

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