Bump Paintings!



Art painted on baby bumps! Carrie Preston is a mother of 2 who lives in Cornwall UK and expanded her love of art onto Mom canvases. Do we like?

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84 thoughts on “Bump Paintings!

  1. I keep seeing this on my dashboard, they’re so beautiful! Don’t think I could do it myself if I had kids though, I’m super ticklish. Put a brush on my belly and I’d be giggling like a nutter, might make for a wonky painting lol.

  2. Enter a new app…:) the artwork is outstanding! the fact that this is being done for comic relief makes it special, but for me, somehow, it removes the plain beauty of the preggy tummy, which allows one to wonder ‘what little person is in there?’, whilst at the same time, being reminded of the miracle of a new life, and rather replaces the focus of the new life with artwork.

    Sorry fabulastic Ed, just my opinion, but I do love the artwork, it’s magicorial! 🙂

  3. I’ve had two pregnancies (and so now have two beautiful children) but I was never into the painting/plaster-casting of the ‘bump’ thing. I think she is a talented artist and the human body makes an interesting canvas, pregnant or not, but it doesn’t really do it for me.

  4. Love love love….I would have loved that with both of my baby bumps….I loved the ET one and of course the one with the VW Van in it because I had one just like it…the van not the belly….such great talent!!!

    1. When Dorothy was swelling with our first child, we had a game that grew out of my feeling for his kicking and elbowing around: I would put my eye on her tummy and pretend to report on his doings — or sometimes her doings, we didn’t know in 1963. Word paintings.

  5. As I saw each one of them it felt as if love has been ‘cocooned’! Making it so warm and special! Thank you for the treat! They are beautiful!

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