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  1. I have often wondered how people with thousands of followers engage their readers/followers or are they just collecting numbers as in a popularity contest. But you have mastered the art of online relationships and engaging conversations with the many, many people that follow your wonderful blog.

    Since I am new to blogging (new to having/writing my own blog, been reading other peoples blogs from a distance for years now) I think it is very important to have followers/friendships that are not only interacting with me via my blog but that I am doing the same in return, it just makes sense.

    You get back what you put out; and if you want people to read and interact with your blog/content then you will need to read and interact with people’s blogs/content. It’s how relationships are made both online and offline.

    Thank you for this series, it is really needed and I am looking forward to that step by step blogging and follow procedure in the near future!

    1. Yes, pretty much you’ve nailed it. It was good to watch and view from a distance before jumping in. You get back what you give out and it works the same online and offline.
      People with thousands of followers do have to admit defeat though after a while! It does become humanly impossible to answer everyone and visit folk at a certain stage and in my own viewing and watching from a distance it has been quite interesting to see how the big gals and guys handle it in their various ways.
      Good to have that problem eh? 🙂

      1. Yes this would be a great ‘problem’ to have. But I know that it doesn’t happen overnight and I am willing to put in the work and time needed. I am grateful for the guidance along the way. 🙂

      2. Thanks for the follow! After scanning the site this one caught my attention with it’s simple and common-sense message.

        I don’t know how you found my blog, but it may be because my last couple posts were about religion. In any case I love learning new things about religion, especially when it’s related to what I’m typing about (makes it easier to think!).

  2. Hey (: Thanks for the follow. Interesting that you have put a description of why you follow people! Yes, this is a fleeting hello, but I’m shy! I look forward to chatting in future (: Katherine

    1. Hi Katherine, if you take a look at some of the conversations I’ve had on this matter I also state that relationships take whatever time is needed and not every one jumps into the conversation immediately…so no problem! 🙂

    1. I am afraid to shock you with my stunning insight Sir Know All. I mean, haven’t my spies found out enough about you already!?
      Won’t you feel entirely laid bare when I read your mind and put it on WP for all to see!!?? 😯

      Totally love the new header BTW.

      1. Hehehe…But, you need to appoint spies to get info about Mr. Tell-All, i mean, Know-All??? 😛
        You remind me of my high school English teacher…she was(still is) very fond of me, but, never had any time for all the nonsense I used dish out…in short I was( still am) quite scared of her…which meant, when I used to get a compliment from her, I used to have a smile which even my big mouth could not hold together…in short, Thank You!! 😀 🙂

  3. I love this. Agreed on all accounts that online success is tied directly to real engagement – not just comments here and there. It’s been really rewarding for me lately to get off Facebook and dedicate more of my time to reading people’s actual blogs rather than just comment under the link on Facebook! What’s your take on that? Happy Thursday!

    1. For me personally, I like the engagement on WP! FB has it’s purposes but WP wins hands down in terms of the kinds of people who hang out here and various other reasons.

      But – BUT…online success is a cumulative thing. It does help your blog to get social network love too for techy reasons that I won’t go into here.
      So if you already have a good FB audience, don’t abandon them entirely, just split your time 70/ 30 or 60/ 40 or whatever.

  4. This sounds like some really good advice. I never thought to get more personal with my followers. Makes sense. Thanks for the tips… and for following me. 🙂
    – B-A

  5. Great advice….I don’t follow a ton of people because I really like to have time to read and comment. But the relationships I have made across the world this last year have been amazing.

  6. I also will be watching and learning from your posts. I agree that while many of us have our own target for who we think we are writing to, it might be surprising to find out who reads our blogs. I check out everyone who follows me, if I like something they have written, generally I will follow back. My inspiration comes from everywhere – and a random picture or thought may trigger an idea for me to write about. I am an aware consumer where money is concerned, and leary of too good to be true offers,… Now, I must put my thinking cap on and respond to the Rihanna dress question on your website …. Do I respond as a mom of a 16 year old girl with developmental disabilities that would wear something like that and not understand how protected the singer is and my daughter wouldn’t (I’d never of course cleft her out in such an outfit) or do I respond how I feel as a woman? Ahhh, perspective is everything….

    1. “while many of us have our own target for who we think we are writing to, it might be surprising to find out who reads our blogs.” Absolutely.
      And Rhianna? My vote is how you feel as a mother. I can’t remember if many people came from that perspective. I’m interested also because Rhianna has said she is not a role model and you might say different!?? Who knows! 🙂

      1. Well, my thoughts on Rhianna will remain my own until next time …. Getting the dreaded 404 when I go to the comments page. Oh well, she’ll do or wear something else I’m sure I can comment on!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on blogging and how to create relationships and followers. I really had no idea on this, and so I’m truly grateful to you for sharing your knowledge, tips and insight. You are an absolute superstar and a gift. x x

  8. The real life examples about ‘vacantness’ and ‘disinterestedness’ are so true – well said! Especially as I just experienced that at my work place today! What a coincidence! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. It’s everywhere isn’t it? Sometimes when you’re in an enclosed situation like a work place you might get to eventually find out the reason for the vacantness. It might be that they are being balled at by a superior and that is where their mind is.
      But hey, migrate to those who are more welcoming. 🙂

  9. Have enjoyed this post as well as the reader comments and your responses! I’ve learned a lot. I too have a wide variety of interests and sometimes wonder if it’s a detriment to write about a wide variety of topics. Yet, it’s ultimately a way for me to express my thoughts and share projects I’m working on as StorylineCreations. I can only hope I strike a chord with other readers. Yes, I would love to get more followers, and it would be really special if they were engaged, but to your point, how much does that matter? The process is key for me right now–learning as I go–and hoping to engage with like-minded souls around the blogosphere.

    1. If you are achieving what you want to achieve it’s not a detriment and engagement matters based upon what it is you are trying to achieve. It seems simple and silly but that’s actually how it is!

      So absolutely learn and grow as you go and StorylineCreations takes shape. I wish you the best with it. Sounds exciting!

  10. I view connecting online as you do. While people may seek numbers to define their popularity, I think otherwise. If you have 5K followers but no one engages, that’s 5K useless numbers. But if you have 2K and there’s a mutual exchange of ideas–that’s priceless.

    After creating my Instagram account months ago, I’ve noticed people follow with the sole purpose of you following back. When it doesn’t happen, they unfollow. What are we, children? I visit their page and look for a story. The story should speak to you in some way, even if that story comes through photos. If it doesn’t, I simply can’t follow.

  11. This is a great post, thank you so much! I find writing extremely therapeutic, and when the thoughts want to escape from my busy brain I have to let them out, so I started a blog. (still a newbie to the whole process though) I think building relationships in the interim is definitely an awesome plus 🙂 Looking forward to many other post!

  12. Great advice. Have really learned a lot from your posts about blogging. Don’t wait too long with the follow-up post.:)

  13. Thanks for the tips, I also don’t believe in having lot’s of followers just for the sake of having more followers, what’s the use of following people whose posts you won’t read? Thanks for stopping by my blog it helped me find yours, so here’s my hand shake, you can call me Diadem, I’m pleased to meet you 🙂

      1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for reading that post – I didn’t think anyone would 🙂 But yes haha, cake is truly an amazing thing!

  14. Well I think its just a fashion to follow .. so many people follow my blog but I hardly see them..I dont even know if they read what I write. .
    I follow some blogs but I make sure I read what they write and comment thats the only way to show I came and read. . Else no use of following. .

    I do hope I don’t fall in that category of people for the sake of fashion.

  15. I have to say, I’m really put off by bloggers whose “about” page comments consist of hundreds of variations on ‘thanks for the follow’ by people who are clearly wondering why a blog all about, say, male muscle development is following their blog on the latest manicure trends. Or whatever. Zero engagement from the follow-er, leaving the follow-ee confused.
    I love meeting new people by follows, but I really don’t like feeling I’m just another poker chip in someone’s game of solitaire, know what I mean?

    1. I do dear Deborah, but you know what?…Who cares? I mean I don’t mean to make light of it …well I do! There’s so much else important in life who cares if someone follows me for their own nefarious ends or because they adore everything I write. I am happy and delighted to interact with those who want to interact with me. For those who don’t *shrug.*

      Plus my own interests are so wide you could never guess why I would follow people. How could you know. I don’t choose to represent every one of my personal interests on my blog so how could you know if I was interested in your topics or not? (Rhetorical question using me and you in general terms!) For example in the 2 topics you mentioned I am defo interested in male muscle development as part of my interest in sport, health and body building – but you couldn’t tell that from my blog. However I would fall asleep if you started talking about the latest manicure trends. Having said that I do like creatively painted nails because I love creativity. In other words, you never know the intention behind some people’s follows – although some are blindingly tacky and obvious!

  16. Thank you for you advice…it’s so informative….many questions are answered …earlier also when I was wondering what to write and what not read one of your replies..and decided will write what I enjoy…I enjoy my blog…..It is a medium of self expression for me…..I have 35 odd followers…they have found me …..I am in no hurry….you think I should find followers ? Or let my blog take its own course? My time is limited…should I make the most by updating posts or use some of it to look for visitors?

      1. K…I started blogging so in a way I could document all my food photographs and share recipes..share my views…my end goal is just a build my photography portfolio so eventually when I start professional work…if all is documented it will help show my work…thanks …asking me my goal…till now I never though of that..:-)

      2. First of all your blog is gorgeous. You are ahead of most because you know about photography and you recognise how important good lighting and placement is.

        So it sounds like a passion for you but not the be all and end all. (That’s what I’m getting from you?) For example if you said this is what I wish to do for a living and this is when I want to do it and no one not even you Editor person is going to stop me!!!! my answer would be different. 🙂

        What I would do if I were you now is split your time 50/50, because it IS limited. Find people to engage with for one session and then the next plan / write / photograph your new posts and so on.
        If you let your blog ‘take it’s own course’ as you said and don’t take control of your marketing, you won’t get much past the followers you have now, barring some unique and rare piece of internet good luck that pours in visitors.

        As you are using your lovely blog as a representation of your work or an extension of your upcoming portfolio, building high numbers of visitors is not vital for you.

      3. Thank you so much for your valuable’s means a lot to me…specially when you take out time from your busy day…thanks:-)

  17. Well, I’m still learning. You mentioned something about my blog not too long ago and I’m going to change the picture because it seems to be blocking words on the blog. So, thank you for your comments. I’ve been more busy lately to make the changes, but they will get done.

  18. Loved this, so true. When someone simply “follows” my blog without a single like or comment I typically do not even go over to their own, assuming they just scroll down the reader and follow to everyone they see! 😉

    1. Yes, I used to think that too. And I think on the whole it still holds true – but…but… sometimes you get folk who like to watch from a distance, or people who are intimidated or a little shy to jump in immediately. So I tend to visit 99.9% of people and let their blog do the talking.

      If there is a topic I can relate to I get stuck in. If not I don’t force it. Sometimes relationships take time to grow, so I give it the space it needs. Just try not to be too rigid and miss out on great blogs with your assumption! If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that people will always surprise you.

      1. Good point!! Thanks for this–I just went and looked at some recent followers and ran into some really great blogs! 🙂

  19. I don’t believe in having lots of followers just for the sake of having followers. This is about engagement and community. Let us learn from each other!

      1. It’s quite intimidating, as I’ve never shared my work with anyone (outside of family members), but so far, I have been met with nothing but kindness, and a sense of welcoming that I’ve never felt before. I think I’m going to like this…

        Thanks again!

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