The First Alarm Clocks


boffin moment

first alram clocks

History rawks don’t it??!!! πŸ™‚



58 thoughts on “The First Alarm Clocks

  1. Reblogged this on Artzzle and commented:
    Company’s a comin’. Busy . . . busy . . . busy! Cleaning, painting, yard and garden work and . . . oh, those mosquito bites! Aahhhck!
    So sharing a FUNNY from one of my favorite London sites. Hope you like.
    Later – Cheryl

  2. How did ‘knocker up’ get translated to ‘knocked up’ meaning entirely different things? I think it relates to the ‘banging’ effect! LOL…

  3. Wow so interesting to know…we still have this alarm clock in India…when we have a wake up real early…I tell my watchman to ring the bell …pretty close to the original:-)

  4. So funny you mention the “knocker-ups” EJ – I think we have some kind of telepathy going on. Hubby and I were just talking about that last night when deciding what to include in the next edition of How to Talk British. I about fell off my chair the first time someone over here offered to “knock me up” in the morning! Gahahaha! (p.s. – I love the old piccie! Brilliant!)

    1. A mighty fine question indeed! I expect that the knocker-upper of all knocker-upper’s would knocker-up the knocker-upper. But of course you are still left with the question of who would knocker-up the knocker-upper of all knocker-uppers?
      Could it be the knocker-upper of all knocker-uppers of all knocker-uppers? But here you see….same problem. Who would knocker-up the knocker-upper of all knocker-uppers of all knocker-uppers?

      …I need a drink.

      1. EXACTLY what I was thinking. You’d actually need a 24 hour rotating system of knocker uppers for it to work. You could probably employ a whole town just to wake each other up so they in turn could wake each other up again. A knocker-upper economy? Could work? Weirder things have!
        … I am having a drink lol!
        (Really enjoying your blog btw)

      1. Aww, You just put a tear in my eyes. I really miss both of them. They’re such a chaotic tandem. Haven’t seen them for more than 4 months now, but I’ll be going home soon

  5. I think they still exist, to be honest…… during the adolescent years of some lives.

    “The Mother / Father”, societies original knocker-uppers.

    Nice post. (funny)

    – N.N.

  6. An interesting note. I didn’t know it was a common practice but I have a book titled, The Wheelwright’s Shop, and it tells about there being a ‘knocker up’ for the mill employees. The book is about building wagons in early England and would be of interest to older men but not as appealing to women as correct flower arranging.

    1. Seeing that 20+ people have liked this post already, I suddenly realized that my original comment is probably the 20th in that general vein of thought! Oh well! LOL.

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