142 thoughts on “The Power Of Blogging

  1. Oh how I love getting tips from the experts!!! I am sort of 2 and 4. I have a job but am severely under-employed ever since the real estate market crashed and I couldn’t continue to use up my savings, so I took a job to pay the bills. I do love writing and just recently took the plunge to start my blog (I too had to get over the shyness). I was initially concerned about not having a huge following on social media so was not sure how I would gain readers to a new blog. One of my goals is to finish a book that I’ve been writing off and on for a couple of years now and have some level of success with selling it online. So I am anxiously awaiting more tips and have already read the ones previously posted. Thanks again!! πŸ™‚

      1. Ha ha! Did you just read the other tip? Lol! – Perhaps I should add ‘don’t write blocks of BORING text’ to the tip. Your block was not boring at all.

        Plus your tiny block doesn’t even come into it! The blocks I have seen have stretched all the way down a very large screen with no breaks – I kid you not!

    1. India, if anyone could do it, I think it would be you. You totally have the right attitude.
      It is because I hear from a variety of people on this subject that I can usually tell via their words whether they have the head space and commitment that blogging for a living can take. It is always a pleasure if I can possibly help out people like you.

      1. I’m so happy to hear that, encouragement is always great. I have to admit I did initially feel like I was late to the game but, after reading your comment to someone else that the “internet is not going anywhere” I feel better now.

        I just wanna make sure that whatever I write about comes across as authentic.

        By the way is it a bad idea to have such varying subject on one blog, or should I have a separate blog for the healthy living topics?

      2. It depends what your end goal is.

        Are you setting up yourself as a guru of sorts in the healthy living niche? Or are you promoting YOU as the brand?
        Technically, you could do whatever you want, but these are good questions to ask yourself now so that you are clear on the end goal.

        What I would do in your position is potter along with your blog as it is and as you go test how valuable your audience is finding your health posts by their reception.

        You have literally just started, so I would just continue as is because in six months time you don’t know how you might feel about blogging in terms of what that experience will tell you about your chosen key niche. By then you may have fallen in love with another subject! I would get used to the ins and outs of blogging and growing your audience first as you can branch off at any time with a funky new blog or business website or just have health as one of your key categories.

      3. Okay since I am branding myself I will stick with what I am currently doing and just test post on healthy living topics from time to time.

        Thank you for your help, I hope you know how much you are helping us all! πŸ˜ƒ

  2. I want to do this – but I am really bad at remembering to keep updating the blog, as I am not sure people are actually reading my blog. How do I get more followers and a reason to write? And question is: am I really a good/funny/interesting enough for people to follow?

    1. I’ll be honest tinyardbird (love the name by the way), you don’t sound too passionate about blogging. You can’t remember to update it and you appear to need other people to motivate you to even bother. It’s not very inspiring to be honest.

      The one ray of hope was ‘I want to do this’ so I would reconsider blogging or reconsider why you want to blog or reconsider what you are blogging about.

      Sorry to be blunt but I try not to BS people.

      1. I appreciate the bluntness! πŸ˜‰ I am have blogged since 2006, but it has always been more for myself than anything else. I suppose, it’s been a diary of what’s going on in my life. Always in Danish and just recently changed it to English – that might be where I lose confidence rather than it being lack of passion. I don’t feel I phrase myself as well in English as I do in Danish and since. I haven’t had any feedback on my blog, I might loose a little bit of motivation. Because I do actually really love blogging, for myself – I think it is fun! But yes, I do forget to update, not because I don’t have ideas, more to do with actually sitting down and writing it. And if you don’t feel anyone is reading it, yes, you might think – it can wait a little… πŸ™‚

      2. Oh now that’s interesting and that’s different. It’s very good that you yourself can pinpoint your difficult areas. The language is an issue for many who want to write in English and it is not their first language. But the thing that you folk don’t realise is that people respect you for that. Not a lot of English speakers can speak another language and there you are speaking and writing in at least two! THIS IS GREAT!

        If you do not phrase yourself well in English, guess what? That is part of what we will get to love about you! THAT is not a problem. THAT is charming.

        So my little Danish flower, forget any issue about language and concentrate on making the best blog you can make. Follow my blogging notes because they will give you tips on the key things – your language skills are not a key issue I can assure you. Your message here is perfectly clear. If you hadn’t told me you were Danish I would not have known.

        And you asked if you are good/ funny/ interesting enough? EVERYone has a story to tell. They often just don’t see it. Just be you.

        Now unfortunately I can’t tell you about your blog because even though I lived in Denmark for a short while I can’t read Danish! See what I mean? I didn’t get much past hvordan er du and tak.
        So if you want to open up a bit and blog for others now, write in English and don’t make the posts private!

        If you want, when you write a post come and say hallo here and I will go and read it for you and look over the English to get you comfortable. I can do that for a few of your new English posts so you stop being shy about writing in English. How about that? Do we have a deal?

      3. One aspect of my life that I rather enjoyed was the ability to go wherever at the drop of a hat, so when a rather dashing Dane invited me to Copenhagen who was I to say no?

        I upped sticks and stayed there. Very cool place. Extremely cool people. Loved it. I speak negligible Danish.

        You have no idea how many posts I read a day! One more is not going to kill me! πŸ™‚

  3. I am #1. Not necessarily looking for money at the moment but would never turn an offer down. πŸ˜‰ I am definitely new to the blogger world though and love the way you post advise!

      1. “It is my pleasure, passion and lifeblood to help others…” You’re showing that by sharing these tips…and (simple and natural as it might seem) by responding to every comment, even if it’s with just a “:)”. Keep it up :).

  4. I think I fall under the category of “student blogger” with an opinion. I love writing and I want to make it a living. Thus, I blog. I don’t expect to earn lots of money from it but I hope people would visit my blog and read my posts and help me gain traffic. Readers and writing is what keeps me going on writing posts. πŸ˜€

  5. IΒ΄m intending in making another blog a “professional” looking one. Great tips. I have you marked as to one of the go to people for inspiration which hopefully will turn to things being made, tangible things and move my writingΒ΄s in a desperate chance to get notice out of gazillions of people, small chance that it happens, but once I started with this i just canΒ΄t quit.

    I like thinking of bloging as a profession. Makes me feel good πŸ™‚

    1. The beauty of the internet in my experience is that with the right ingredients and not a small sprinkling of good luck – anything is possible! And yes come, learn, add your own voice and experience. πŸ™‚

      Thanks Charly.

  6. Very true, wow, i am loving this! Dear, your work is great! Being a vibrant and lively person in reality is beautiful but being able to transfer that attitude to your words is a whole new issue, u just did that. I went through your posts (which are awesome by the way), i realise there is a whole new world out there, we just need to dive in and see the stuffs. I definitely wont regret blogging if i keep reading stuffs like this.

    Like i said, i get to more by interracting with people,
    Thanks for following me and nice to meet you.. πŸ™‚ ❀

    1. I very much like the idea of helping to uplift the image of your religion as it has (with the help of many and not just the ‘terrorists’) been rather beaten up and tarnished of late. It’s a good idea and I wish you well with it.

      I made friends with a very nice Muslim chap when I very first started blogging here and lost his link. He interested me because as a recent convert he would still have some wide-eyed curiosity of his new lifestyle which I thought would be a fascinating journey to ride along with. But alas…I shall hopefully be able to keep up with your input!

      Thank you for the nice words. πŸ™‚

  7. Awsome I fall in no 1…nice article…my purpose of blogging is to interact with the outside world along with being a full time mum…blogging has helped not to loose my individuality …

  8. I’m honored that you’re following me… Wow & Thank you. I’m a start up and obviously a newbie to blogging. I totally love writing, well I’m Gemini so I totally love communicating in general 😁 I will say that finding the time to blog between going to the bill payer from 8-5, family & building my service based business and actually trying to remember that I exist is reeeally slim, lol! I am so determined to be financially independent and spend my days marketing, researching and blogging about my biz that I make it happen some sort of super woman kind of way. I’m not really sure if blogging once a week is going to do it. I’d really like to know if it’s safe to cover a variety of topics; I’m thinking variety but keeping them linked to my biz some type of way as well. But mainly, I need to wake up at 5:30am to support my passion, my dreams & my business. I will definitely follow your advice closely because I believe in myself & I believe the universe sends what’s needed when it’s needed. And you’re an angel sent. Thank you, Huge Hugs!!

    1. The start up is the agency? Wowsa! You DO have a lot on your hands! But as you rightfully said, when a woman brings out the ‘super’ there’s no telling what might happen!

      You have to be realistic about your time available. Your case might even allow for less blogging because I’m assuming that you are mainly blogging to people of Baltimore as it is a local based business? That is one of the questions to answer for yourself, what is my blog for? What am I trying to achieve with it?

      Then what am I trying to achieve VERY SPECIFICALLY with the business in terms of sign up numbers or consultation or whatever. When do I need it to become realistically profitable? Then the 2 objectives can work hand in hand, not separately.

      Does any of that make sense?

      1. Yes ma’am! It’s tuff, but I follow a schedule. Greatness happens! Lol!
        It is local to Baltimore but I’m starting to reach out to other areas virtually. Ok, I definitely understand; know my ideal, right?
        Ok, got it! Yes, absolutely!

        Thank you so much! I can’t wait to learn more πŸ˜„

  9. I fall under number 4. I love my job, but I always had a passion for writing that was dormant. The internet has opened up a whole new world, connecting me with like minded people and with independent authors. Now, I just want to make it work for me and get my writing done.

  10. This is so perfect for me to read right now. I’ve taken a huge step of faith recently and it includes letting go of the old and grabbing onto writing/career/financial freedom.That’s why it’s been silent on my site… working through “things” and making it real is my goal.
    There comes a time when we just know, “it’s time” and for me it is now. So, this post came at the exact time. For that I have to say Thank you!!

    1. My goodness…exciting times! It’s a big step. good for you! I wish you the best with it!
      Your blog is very spiritual / religious You should have little problem attracting an audience.

      1. Thank you! I’m pretty excited., too! I’ve waited a long time for this moment, but you know

      2. To continue. πŸ™‚
        It had to take this long which I believe was purposed for “such a time as this” .
        Many years ago my grandmother asked me what do I want to do for a career and I simply answered, write. She smiled and said, “write about what? You haven’t lived long enough to write about life.” Yes, that upset me. I didn’t believe that statement. But I do believe that was a message for Me, not for everyone else. One of those hints given along our path that makes no sense until years later, and this one is mine. Everything seems to fall in place when it’s the right time. Like your blog!!! πŸ™‚

      3. The good thing is that you didn’t let Grandma take the shine off your dream. She probably didn’t even mean to, but we all do that sometimes when we are not careful what we say.

        It’s all good. Run with the momentum you are feeling! πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks, I’m following you too. I’m under one and four, learning it the hard way I guessed. Through reading and learning from other blogs. All I got before was disappointment. Joining something and then nothing happens.

  12. I remember that post and the comment thread you mention. It is quite interesting how patience can bring someone around. Well done.

  13. I fall under 1 & 4… I hope to get more serious soon! I have started some research but have a ways to go. As well as considerable courage to gather. πŸ˜‰

    1. Step 1 has been made. You have a blog and you’ve written on it! Just keep moving forward. The good thing about being a Newb is that people are nice on the whole, so you can drift in slowly at your own pace. It’s when you become ‘big’ the trolls come out to play, so you should be fine for now. πŸ™‚

      1. Oh yes, I’ve seen the trolls all over the internet. Such a horrible hobby to have!

      2. Good Lord isn’t it? And they are usually so brainless. To be honest I don’t so much mind the funny ones, but wit is a talent or skill that evades the majority of them.

      3. I have become convinced that those who troll for a hobby actually work to be at that level of witless disregard for grammar and intelligence. They want a reaction no matter how horrible they have to be to get one. Obviously I have spent too much time studying them…

      4. Ha ha! Possibly! I on the other hand choose to give them less than 100th of a millisecond of my time. To be fair I don’t really get them here, but I don’t even waste my time when I see them on other sites.

      5. I should probably follow your example in the future! Haha! My fascination with rude people probably isn’t healthy…

  14. Because of you I have started reevaluating my intentions of blogging. Do I want followers to read my thoughts or should I keep hiding??? What should I do??? I’m too shy!! 😁 thanks for that great conversation πŸ˜‰

    1. Ah! The lady in question! πŸ™‚ Well the fact that you are questioning shows that you are on the tip of letting people in and being brave. It IS a big step if you’re not used to it.
      But, no hurry. The internet is not going anywhere!

      1. Yeah I’m still not used to it. I am the crazy one who thinks blogging is like writing in a diary. But I totally see your point now! Thank you for opening my eyes πŸ˜„

      2. The beauty is…you are not wrong! Blogging IS like writing in your diary, or it CAN be if that is what someone wants it to be. But it can also be manoeuvred and shaped into lots of other things.That’s why it is so brilliant!

    1. At these levels Steve it can be very similar to building a business from scratch. It does require commitment, know-how and persistence.
      We always try to make that clear to Members. If you don’t have that in you blogging won’t ever reach a point that starts to give back. But at least we hopefully make it fun too and rewarding on the way there.

    1. ELLIE! Ha ha! Where have you been? I have been naughty and not visiting! You’re right I do try and answer everyone but it does keep me busy! But thank you for your kind words. Appreciate it.

      Be over later! πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah, I can see your blog is a full time endeavor. I hope you cover how to keep yourself energetic and motivated. My followers keep me going because I get so attached to them as you must too. Oh!!!! My book is hopefully coming out the end of the month or in August – now THAT keeps me motivated. Insert BIG smiley face here, πŸ™‚

  15. I’m unemployed for the first time since I was 17.. Now 29. I’m struggling to find work in London and I know I have what it takes to become successful online I just need advice and someone with experience to show me the way!!

    1. Hey Fifi! Stick around. We have been looking for a way to help bloggers in greater numbers than we are currently accepting, so we may be able to help you.

      So sorry to hear about the job situation. It IS hard but hang in there. We build our communities for people like you to able to feel the support when it’s needed. Luckily you have a prince there with you to ease things a little!

      In the meantime read the blog tips and ask me for help when you need it.

  16. I’ve heard that it’s true, although I’ve never met anyone who was actually making money online or through blogging. I am anxious to hear how this can actually be a truth. Recently just separated from my husband, the children and I are determined to prove to him that we can make it with out him. Oh, to think that I really could make money online and be more available for them would be wonderful! I love to write. I try to get up at least one a day.

      1. Yes, very new and raw. It is currently my sounding board… Or a place to get my thoughts out (personal journey).
        I’m still figuring my way around the wordpress site.
        Should I make separate blogs for reoccurring themes?
        What would you suggest I do, as my first step, towards getting to that place where the blog does generate income?

      2. Okay, this is what I would do in your shoes.

        Continue to write and feel your way around WordPress.

        Come here and ask me anything you need to help that process.

        There are things the company I am with can do to help you, but it would be good if some of the raw rubbed off, in my humble opinion. By throwing things, screaming, seeing friends, talking, writing, writing and writing – whatever you need to do to feel balanced again.

        Blogging can be fun – and cathartic in your case, but it is a task and a commitment. To take it on, at these levels, some degree of stability is probably needed.

        It can be like a running a business if you are talking about earning from it and you need a clear mind and vision to get to grips with that whole process.

        Plus, no business started even tomorrow is going to return fast enough to be able to sock it to your ex in time. By the time your blog could be earning for you, you will be a different person with a different head space.

        Would you agree?

        So just continue at it. We’re here when you are ready.

        Oh…and no, I would just stick to one main blog for now i.e atexasmist.

      3. Thank you! I agree, I need to get balanced first. It’s still too new what I’ve just experienced… I need it to get out of my system. I appreciate your honesty. I will eagerly read and glean from your blogs, and it probably wouldn’t hurt for me to watch some WP tutorials πŸ˜‰ thank you for making yourself available.

    1. Urgh! Tell me about it! We don’t do the underdog thing too well sometimes as an organized force – i.e government institutions – although individual folks can be fabulous.

      And 4 – the imbalance of it bugs the **** out of me! The breathtaking talent I see sometimes – and all they need is support…

      Thanks Pancho!

  17. I’m definitely Number 4. I started my blog because I didn’t find anything like what I started. There are bits and pieces out there, but nothing comprehensive.. Thanks πŸ™‚

      1. I thought Kyopos would be the only audience, but there are people who are just interested in Kyopos which is nice too; didn’t think other people cared too much about it if they weren’t a Kyopo. ^^

      2. You would think so wouldn’t you? But there are lots of folk (including me) that have a wide range of interests and love learning about other people and their beliefs and cultures.

  18. I just want to respond because you are currently my favorite blogger. Your writing, your interaction with your followers, your wit and enthusiasm keep me coming back. You are the blogger I strive to be. Thank you for reminding me every day what good blogging looks like. ❀

    1. Now bless your heart! I’m quite excited to see where your blogging will go actually. It’s got some good concise content like ‘Screw The Gym’ and I know you are considering images and maybe other bits and bobs. Yep, I’m excited!

    1. It is certainly key Krystol, but there are some other key things that should be done WITH that good content. That is what I’m hoping to put out there.

      Think of a brilliant artist you know who has not got the break they deserve. Clearly the problem is not their talent, but that their talent is not being backed by OTHER supportive activities.

  19. It would be wonderful to make a living at what I love doing. The question of how to make it happen remains, though. I am a writer in article length – I don’t think there is a book in me (though my husband keeps asking when I’m going to put together a compilation – haha! Wishful thinking!) My blog (version 2) is growing daily, which is good to see and is satisfying. πŸ™‚ Like Deborah, though, I am deeply suspicious of some of the spam-types and “offers” to help. I hope that makes me smart, but I surely don’t want it to hold me back from a genuine opportunity. Question is, how to know? Keep the ideas coming, EJ – you know how helpful they are to bloggers like this Mother Hen!

    1. It is sooooo important to be vigilant online Mother H. There are some true rotters out there! You have to be more and more careful and the tricks and scams are more and more toxic…but some folk are maybe a little too careful? If that’s possible?

      Case in point.

      It is my pleasure, passion and lifeblood to help others…don’t know if this comes across! I work with a group of similar minded passionate folks and a small part of what we do is help out fabulousness – whether that is bloggers, creative folk or entrepreneurs. It is a paying service, but we like to help out for nothing occasionally too. One of the conversations we had went like this:

      β€˜I don’t get it! what’s the catch?’
      β€˜The catch is we would like to help you.’
      β€˜Why would you want to do that then?’
      β€˜Because we can.’
      β€˜Don’t get it!’

      It was also pointed out that (at the time) they were being offered free entry to the services which meant you didn’t have to divulge anything that was not already out there i.e email, name and blog title.

      When the guys told me I had to laugh. I gave her, (I think she was quite young) mucho kudos for being careful but…ooops! If nothing else, she knew ME.

      Why would I jeopardise my blog and my position in the company (I recommended her) for one lone blogger or even a few bloggers? This is the thing, you have to be a little investigative to decide whether you should take up an offer and we have a link right there at the top!

      The company is bigger than a blogger with a few months on the clock. A scam situation does not usually have thousands of backdated magazine features, celeb interviews, clearly large communities etc – I fail to see the entry point that we could have scammed her…or perhaps The Home Style Directory was set up to steal her email? Her blog?…Huh?!

      In a past life I helped folk suss out scam situations. I loved doing it! It is a service offered in our Members Division. Here’s my gift to you. If you come up again with a situation that you are interested in but it looks a bit dodgy (online that is!) I will look into it for you and tell you why I think it’s scam or not – I have crazy tools for this sort of thing! – (With the proviso that I am not swamped with other stuff).

      Why would I do that?

      Because I can! Lol!

      Plus Mother H we have been talking a while now – you know you are welcome to ask me anything.
      As for how to make it happen? That’s what we do! I could recommend you as my pass this month – but I’m sure I would have done that already. (Sorry I can’t remember!) If the team find a previous recommend that scuppers free entry now, just so you know!

      PS – your writing compilation? Not wishful thinking at all and gosh I’ve written book in this reply! I need a lie down!

      1. I had an invite from last month EJ , and I activated out today even before your reply! πŸ™‚ .I hope it’s still valid! Your post got me thinking I needed to widen my scope… looking forward to hopefully working with you in future. And as always, you know I value your advice! Plus, you have the fly swatter…

  20. oh I do love you! Yes, yes and yes….I want, can, am able and willing to do this! I love blogging, but I am good at blogging on certain subjects only. Does this matter? Or should I be flexible in what I blog about? How often should I blog to be successful? Oh, wait, I’ll visit the bubble….ooops, sorry…thank you for sharing my angel x x x

    1. Ha ha! You’re an ‘insider’ and you know all the help you need is there in your dashboard bubbles! πŸ™‚

      But to answer your questions here, no, it is practically essential to blog about what you honestly love. Blogging is enormous fun, but it can also be a slog, particularly if you fake the funk! So be real and blog what you love. Your audience will find you. (Especially when you are with us!)

      How often you should blog depends partly on the reality of your schedule and what you hope to get out of it. But I am afraid in MY experience if you blog say, once a month (at the beginning – when you are growing your fledgling audience), well…I’m afraid to say you simply won’t grow that fledgling audience – not to a usable level as discussed in this post. Fact. (Again you could override that short-on-time issue that with the tools we give you).

      Thanks Deborah! πŸ™‚

  21. I like hearing your ideas and agree that many of us don’t think blogging through the way you have. I have also seen a lot of “filler” and literally just stream-of-consciousness blogging, people posting multiple times a week or day and they have a huge following. Not sure why!

  22. Yes! From the writer’s point of view, having an online presence is practically a sine qua non these days, whether you’re going with traditional publishing, self-publishing, or some variation thereon.
    I’m still suspicious of people whose blog content is nothing but “I got rich from my blog so can you” – surely they’d need some actual content (like yours!) before the crowds come flocking to boost their ad numbers?

    1. Yep I hear you! Not talking about those. Probably wouldn’t even click on them. But there are bloggers who I have seen who started from the very beginning (years ago) and I have witnessed their growth personally. Not all the paths they took were the same, but the overall reason for their growth and success is the same. Just similarly to how we all eat different foods, in different ways but we still all grow? We use this knowledge then to help bloggers find and grow their audience, bit by bit.

      1. one of the most famous examples of this is Ree Drummond, a.k.a. Pioneer Woman who had her blog before she had her successful Food Network show

  23. I fall under the category of girl in wheelchair who can’t find work – times are hard and I just have to be harder I guess any and all tips are appreciated πŸ™‚

    1. Stick me with me kid! πŸ™‚

      No on a serious note, I don’t make promises I can’t keep because success online – or in life is down to the actions of individual and whether they follow through or not – that I don’t control. The tips I pass on I do control.

      Thanks Cora.

      1. Thanks will take everything on board to be honest I was delighted on person “liked” what I had to say – it sounds stupid but it’s given me a great confidence boost and really inspired me to keep going. I know everything in write won’t be brilliant or even good for that matter but hey at least it’s something I love to do πŸ™‚

    1. The secret is that you don’t need a record company to be successful and never have. You need enough support, fans and the know how.
      Great songs wouldn’t go amiss either! Thanks Wax! πŸ™‚

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