Why Sardines Are Insulted By The Chinese!

This is a typical Chinese train station at rush hour.

I hear some sardines are up in arms at the comparisons being made, claiming that they categorically have more space in their tins. 😉


What you think?

Home based work suddenly seem more appealing?



61 thoughts on “Why Sardines Are Insulted By The Chinese!

  1. OMGosh! All I could think about while watching it was how in the heck DO they get out, how bad would it be standing next to BO guy (you know there is always at least one on public transit systems) and how the heck to the handicapped people travel? Are they wheeled into the mess, too? So sad and so frightening. Can you imagine the panic it they lose power and are stuck in those boxes for ven a few minutes without air circulating?

    1. Lol! I never thought of that. Now I have all sorts of comedic images in my head! 😀

      Waaaaah! Oh no! Miss India, leave me alone! The images won’t stop now!….What if some poor little fella 4ft 2′ right at the back of the carriage needs to get out but he is the only one who needs to get out!?

      Are they shoe-horned in multiple times in one trip? Aren’t they exhausted by the time they get to work?
      What a world!

      1. I know the images are just too funny and so ridiculous at the same time! Why would anyone purposely subject themselves to this? How do the companies that they work for benefit from exhausted, stinky and frustrated and violated employees? How much money is worth traveling to and from work like this? How many times has the train left with people hanging out of the doors? Oh I forgot they use “flatboards and sticks”, Lol!

  2. Won’t be able to tell the difference if they are pushing you or groping you. I had a similar experience when I was in Tokyo many years back. Ever so often, the men will take the opportunity to “accidentally” rub against you or “rest” their arm across your shoulder on the pretext that they need to hold on to the hand rails above your head.

    1. Oh dear, yes of course I hadn’t even thought of that. And of course we know that happens everywhere, not just China. There was an Asian country that dealt with this issue by having carriages solely for women – can’t remember if it was Japan or China, but clearly needed. Yuk-erooo! 😦

  3. It doesn’t matter how many times we watch these clips, they remains as funny as the first view. LoL. I think I would prefer riding on the top of the train than this. Either that, or call in sick each day.

    1. I’m sorry but they are! Lol! Don’t be taking the heat off NYC subways! 😀 Everyday I traveled on the subway in NYC there seemed to be another incident! A stabbing in the same carriage that I was traveling in was the clincher!
      ….But I know what you mean! 😉

  4. Not to sound out of line, or correct you, but this is actually in Japan, as all of the attendants are speaking Japanese. However, my Japanese wife does confirm that this actually does happen in Japan.

  5. No wonder the suicide rates in China and Korea are so high! I would imagine many people die on these trains from the sheer heat! and yes, home based work is the only way to go, I would rather live in a cave and eat grass than be shoved into a metal tin can along with hundreds of other sweaty, smelly, distraught, depressed people. It is so very sad when one thinks of the mentality of the people who believe that this is the only way to live! I guess these poor people are as dead as sardines, it’s just that they manage to walk. Awful!

  6. My mother-in-law saw this first had on her visit a couple of years ago…she said they never tried to get on…I couldn’t handle that many people! I start having breathing problems waiting to get off a plane and everyone stands up….hahaha…Happy Independence Day to you!

  7. Are you kidding? My God if you brush up to someone on BART you get the look of death from those around you.. I love how more station men come to add push to the pile.

      1. From my time in Tamil Nadu and around Delhi, my expectation is that Indian people would point out there there is also an “outside” and a roof that could accommodate passengers.


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