Are Women Crazy?!


Jeremy Meeks…Sure you know Jeremy Meeks, that Harvard law school graduate that women have been lusting after, ever since his picture appeared online!


No, wait…news just in!…That’s Jeremy Speaks. No, THIS guy above is a gang member and a convicted felon whose picture appeared on a police website… and women have been lusting after ever since his picture appeared online.


I Give You Exhibit A:


“Sure like to wake up next to that. Hot dam!”

“I wonder if it hurt him when he fell from heaven. This guy is charming…”

“Are they jailing hot guys so the ugly ones have a chance?”


“Oh my god he can rob my house and assault me anytime.”

Wait…Let me just repeat that…

“Oh my god he can rob my house and assault me anytime.”



There have even been offers from women to pay Mr Meeks bail and recently, whilst still in jail, Mr Meeks was awarded a modelling contract.

Behind all the hoo ha, Mr Meeks history has not fully been uncovered, with people noting the teardrop tattoo under his eye, amidst claims that it could signify that he has killed someone as a gang member, or equally lost someone.

He has said that he would like to go straight.

He is married with one child – much to chagrin of some women, while others have said ‘Who cares? He can get divorced!’

This and the fact that his opportunistic new manager has started to receive death threats, apparently from perhaps jealous(?) gang members, raises quite a few talking points.



  • ARE WOMEN CRAZY? – Quite apart from Mr Meeks, how many women constantly overlook bad choices in men every single day for other equally insipid reasons?


  • DOESN’T EVERYBODY DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE? – Hey, we don’t know what his opportunities were growing up! Shouldn’t he be allowed a second (or 4th or 5th apparently) chance?

What say you?



167 thoughts on “Are Women Crazy?!

  1. For all the descent nice guys who cannot get a date because they are not an 8 or higher on the attractive scale and then women go gaga over people like this. This is not a good thing to me. :/

      1. Yeah that’s true. There are different traits that are attractive depending on the person.

  2. The real question is how/why did he fail to take advantage of his physical qualities to get get into a far more lucrative & safer occupation, such as modelling, professional sports, bad acting, used car salesman or beam dancing ( like pole dancing, but manly) ?
    Was it social barriers /learning issues or serious psychological problems – possibly all three combined ?

    As to the behaviour/attitude of some members of the population, keep in mind that sex appeal and danger are powerful cultural symbols – archetypes. Just consider the appeal of such characters as the Femme Fatale and the Hard Boiled Detective of film noir, the Gothic Hero, Byronesque Vampire or even the wimpy glittery in sunlight vampire.

    Taming the Wildman, be it Belle’s Beast or Jane’s Tarzan is a powerful narrative and role. Female sexuality becomes a metaphor for women’s powerful & significant role of building culture & civilization in the face of brute strength and chaotic forces (natural or social).

    Then again, there is the power of the Gaze aimed directly at the viewer and the pale colour of the eyes that suggest innocence hiding in the face of dark threatening experience in a photographic composition that features all the classic codes & conventions of a fashion photo as opposed to a mugshot ( See Justin Bieber’s mugshot for comparison. )

    I am just an old guy, so I may have it wrong. ( Check with my wife.) 😀

    1. I think it is fairly easy to see why he did no take up a less criminal direction if that is what surrounds him 24/7.

      As for your other argument, what’s your wife’s number?! 😀
      I kid, but despite all those reasons, sometimes a woman has to just grow up.

  3. As if there are not many fish in the big world pond that a decent guy cannot be found? There is something also about following the crowd or fad here. Yes he is good looking, but they are just foolish to act like this. Young woman often have no common sense. When I was young, romance novels with a guy like this made me fantasize about some rapo taking me over. Books, media, families that do not have a clue either have an influence here. Very sad and ridiculous. I grew up after getting wisdom in my 20’s. My kids were taught the dangers out there. and far as I know have never been involved in being drawn in by this kind of “pretty” face.

    1. Yeah I think it is cause they look like good survivors. And that is what women needed back in the day.

  4. Yes. Yes, women can be crazy. I fell for a bad boy once myself. Not a trouble with the law bad boy, but a bad boy all the same. Learn fast, ladies!

      1. Hahahahah! Good one.

        It’s scary when GROWN women think with their vaginas. The women who would want to associate with this man are doing just that. Even my fourteen year old has better sense.

  5. Good post, but IMHO men and women are equally crazy with these things; if it was a female version many guys would have reacted the exact same way these women (as well as the opportunistic model agencies) are..

  6. In my opinion, women can make wrong choices because their hearts are full of emotions while men have more rational thoughts. As a women, I understand that they are attracted by the appearances so easily (this explains why we spend a lot of money on shopping pretty clothes). How could an angle break my heart? (you know what I mean). At last, I think people nature can not be changed in a short period of time so we need to keep watching their behaviors in a long run before we can give them the change to step into our lives.

  7. Are women crazy? Well who am I to judge?!?!
    Honestly I think these women just looked at guy and expressed their pleasure with his hotness, nothing more. Yes, some of the comments were over the top, but it’s not like they were making true life decisions here. Just saying “Wow” in the modern-posting-tweeting world! We’ve all been there in one form or another.

  8. Meanwhile…in other news…a self-proclaimed know-all from far-flung India jumped off a bridge into the river( which was only knee deep), not being able to deal with the comment that “they are jailing hot guys so the ugly ones have a chance!” 😀 😛

      1. you are welcome. (truly, it’s fun. life is so full of ironic thought… we’re a funny bunch)

  9. Interesting article Madam Ed….My answer to your questions, are that, yes, indeed women more often than not make heinous choices when it comes to partners, as women when young, and before having experienced real life, which one would hope wakes them up, are attracted to what is called the ‘Alpha male’. He is the ‘good looking, muscular loud mouth’ of the group, and no matter what he does, like sleep with the best friend, or slap her silly, it’ll be overlooked, as they are happy to be thrown a crust from his sandwich at lunch time.

    This breeds men like this in their thousands. In fact, the mentality of such men is low, I.Q’s are worrying, but then so are the women who are attracted to these men, so they are normally a good fit. One therefore cannot really say that the type of women drawn to these types of men are mad, but insecure yes, stupid yes, very very simple yes. I liken it to the baseline caveman days, when our primitive brains were still ruling.

    Old Ugg would grab Arg by the hair, drag her into the cave, bonk her senseless, then grunt and walk off to join his mates. I see no difference between them then and these now. They do exactly the same thing, but what makes it truly disturbing, is that now, the primitive brain has evolved to understanding and logic, and yet, some Ugg’s and Arg’s are still evolving! Any woman who is attracted to a rapist, murderer, gang member, or any person who is a danger to society, has to have an extremely low I.Q. They simply don’t understand anything better, and are more often than not terribly insecure.

    On giving these men a second chance?
    Um, I won’t go on like I have done, but suffice to say, that to give any criminal a second chance, is like saying to a child molester, ‘we know you did it once, but we are going to give you another chance to do it again’…It is sheer MADNESS, and completely wrong in every way. You don’t get a second chance to kill, maim, torture, rape, molest or cause the same damage you did in the first instance. You go away for life, and mix with other people who are just like you.

    Nuff said. x x

    oh P.S. Beauty does not come in the form of a beautiful face or body. Beauty comes from what lies within the persons heart and soul.

    1. Beautifully and graphically put from a very soulful person. The low IQ point is very pertinent and ever more pervasive in our modern society, promoted and supported by every form of media. Thanks Deborah! 🙂

  10. I totally agree it’s like we forget as women that objectification is horrible and say stupid lines such as “he can assault me anytime” just because someone is considered mildly attractive. What an absolute joke I could not agree with you more!

  11. Wow! Years ago, this whole discussion would have been the plot out of a horror movie. Where have the values gone? It’s ok for grown silly women to make those statements, but what if it was your daughter? I would hope the post in exhibit A would be different? Anyway, I revert back to the old saying “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Don’t be deceived, serial killers have confidence.

  12. Yes, women can make some poor choices even when the results of the choices are obvious (AKA are crazy), I ought to know, tis a subject upon which I am an expert. That being said, he could be just as dangerous if was indeed a graduate of Harvard Law. Remember that women, wait, don’t bother you won’t listen, I didn’t . . .

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