Through A Child’s Eyes

boffin moment


oc alb 2




47 thoughts on “Through A Child’s Eyes

  1. Wow, amazing right. At first i thought the eyes were photoshopped or something but they are real.
    Another beautiful discovery. I’m loving this Ed or “Madame Queen” πŸ˜€

  2. Nature is wild….I can guarantee you something that when this little guy grows up heΒ΄s going to have bodyguards pushing the women off of him. That is really going to be wild. IΒ΄m no sure if IΒ΄m happy IΒ΄m not him or jealous. Bit of both, what happened with nature and me, seems I wasnΒ΄t in natures radar….

  3. Thank you for solving a mystery — I live in the Philippines and for years have wondered about the bright blue eyes of a Filipino man in my neighborhood. Interesting and beautiful!

    1. Hey Pancho! That’s an interesting question because whilst I was researching this little piece I did find people who had the other more common type of albinism and you could see how badly the sun had damaged their skin.
      Unfortunately in the hottest parts of the world the albino’s had no medical information that they should stay very much out of the sun and were really suffering for it.

  4. I want to hug him! Is this an American child or a child in a foreign country? I wonder how the people around him treat him? Sometimes different is seen as a threat, sometimes it’s seen as a gift. I wonder which the people around him choose.

  5. That’s the beauty of nature. There is beauty all around us (just as there is music all around us-nod to a movie I cannot remember the name of…darn) .The beauty…just need to look to see. In this picture of course ,the beauty truly stands out visually. Nice photo!Beautiful child

      1. I’ll let you know. ha! Next week in the middle of the night it will come to me no doubt. Such is the way of cognitive disruption. ugh

      2. AUGUST RUSH!!! I cheated because it kept rolling in the back of my mind…and it’s getting too crowded in there with random bits waiting for me to put together, so I looked up the quote of “Music is all around us. All you have to do is listen.” WHile the wheat field in the breeze is making the music soon joined by the other instruments…then the city sounds…okay it’s in the very beginning of the movie. lol mystery solved. Love that movie/sound track.

      1. It’s a good day for it, too… flies are at a minimum. I think it’s too chilly even for them! πŸ˜€ I love this little blue eyed babby, btw – wherever did you find this pic?

      2. Someone sent it to me because they know I love all things anthropological, then I looked it up and found it was connected to albinism which also fascinates me. I also find the more well known kind of albino ‘eerily’ beautiful, or ‘other-wordly’ beautiful.

    1. True. There was a basic simple acceptance of albinism when I visited Africa. (Apart from the turds that kill them for witchcraft) – I expect this little one experiences that same easy acceptance.

      1. Hi back. Sorry,I don’t think I know your name. And if I do, I’m lame and forgot it (probably just because I’m a smelly boy).

  6. Wow! Kids are so beautiful and perhaps, to me, they are the most beautiful form of nature. Their innocence and pure bliss gives humanity a sense of hope!
    Thanks for sharing!

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