Bad Ass Women: May Savidge

ba women 2


the-tp-btFolks, you are not going to believe this woman’s story! You see, IΒ  rather like doing this whole Bad Ass Women bit because there is this continuing historical stench of suggestion that women are the weaker sex because they lack the physique of men. Well…sometimes, it isn’t just about God-given physique and more what you do with what you’ve got. Read her story at the click. Her single-minded, hard boiled determination will blow your mind!

Click HERE and be inspired!





28 thoughts on “Bad Ass Women: May Savidge

  1. Wow, what a great woman! I so love strong inspirational woman like this. They are what keep women reminded of our strengths. Thanks for sharing another fabulous story! Love this and have reblogged x

  2. As I read this I was reminded of my great great grandma who was left to raise 13 kids on her own living in a log cabin after her husband left her (he didn’t want kids…hmm) Her youngest daughter (my great grandma) wrote a story of her life (just under 300 pages of limerick) so her kids and grand kids would know where we came from. She tells one story about her mom loading up the 5 youngest kids in a canoe to go hunting for moose to have meat for the winter; another about rebuilding their house after a fire, and running a farm so they could survive….it’s an amazing story! I’m thankful to know my “roots” πŸ™‚
    When push comes to shove, we women can do so much more than we give ourselves credit for…Miss May is truly an encouragement to me today! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I rest my case! So many amazing stories exist like your own and women think they need to seek strength from so many silly, unreliable sources…’Oooogh I can’t possibly go out without my eyeliner!’ – Ah well! πŸ™‚

  3. Women are bad ass of course. However, the bigger message is what gets me. I think we need a greater awareness of the fact it takes hard work to be successful. A great story and a great start to my day!!

    1. Yes.


      You want to narrow your query down a bit David?

      And by the way I loooooooooooove the picture of the auditorium and what it stands for.
      I’m on your side.
      Get to it and re-phrase the question.

      1. In my strongest moments, maybe fueled with anger or serious kick-ass determination – yes.

        Weakened by negativity and can’t-do people surrounding me – no.

        That’s why I keep well away from that sort.

      2. Well said. I suffer from too many bouts of procrastination to attempt something like that. But I suppose if my livelihood was dependent on it, I would get it done.
        And yes, surround yourself with positivity.

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