Gorgeous Coastal Home


Is this your style? Do you like the idea of gazing straight out into the ocean from your sofa? Take a look at this incredible, relaxed coastal home at the click below.

coastal home pan



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See more pics of this stylish home tour here.


32 thoughts on “Gorgeous Coastal Home

  1. I would love the view, however I was born in Ft. Carson, Co. moved to Grand Rapids, MI. in 76 and lived here ever since, I would mind some pictures of the sunsets/rises, of that glorious retreat, but for right now I am going to stay where I am at.

  2. Lovely, EJ…but where would I put my chickens? Hahaha! No seriously… I would love this. Especially if I was on holiday. Now…maybe you’ll give it away to your 2000th comment. (Give me a heads up when we’re nearly there…)

  3. I’m not usually a fan of coastal-fortification-style modern architecture, but this is really quite attractive. Who doesn’t want a beach each side of their living room? Although since I live in an earthquake-prone area, you wouldn’t catch me sleeping in that bed, with a tastefully arranged line of skull-crushing rocks on the shelf above my pillow!

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