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76 thoughts on “Grab Attention!

  1. Well, this advice is simultaneously common-sense and eye-opening. I intuitively practice what you preach – always a picture, and usually a clever or indirect title. But, short, tight titles are more my style. However, I might try to “grab eyeballs” with phrases as titles. Might work. Thanks.

  2. Great post, thanks for this. I always find it hard to strike the right balance between using an interesting title and one that’s misleading for attention’s sake. I guess it just comes with practice. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Jess, the newspapers are clearly not as conscientious as you as every day they print very misleading – but attractive headlines that grab readers who still return despite complaining about how misleading the headlines are – but that’s all to do with advertising and clicks so we’ll leave that for now. Once you get their numbers you can get away with it!

      I think it is possible not to mislead but still find the killer headline for your post.

      Just as an example, I personally would tune into ‘Why This Amazing Item Left Me In Tears.’ – The item is a mystery until I read the story, the adjective adds more intrigue and as a nosey human I would want to know what that item was, why it was amazing and how it could possibly leave you in tears. Plus it is slightly snappier than your title which isn’t bad by the way. That’s my humble on it. πŸ™‚

  3. “…start thinking about your blog title as your…er…cleavage! (Men too!)” Well that hits home! LOL.
    Seriously though, very good point. I actually enjoy trying to come up with a good (but relevant) title.

    1. Good on yer Seyi! A good example you yourself have provided is ‘No Poor Student Allowed Here!’ In the context it was used it was meant to get noticed and draw discussion about that headline.

    1. But of course! πŸ™‚

      With you, you can cheat a bit because you are image driven, the same principle applies though as I’m sure you know when showing your portfolio. You’d put those eye kissers right upfront!

  4. Irrelevant Comment?
    you decide…


    I like the idea of attracting a community. Even an intimate group that engages with my content is more meaningful than a million views in which no one bothers to comment (or read).

    I definitely agree with your Grab ‘Em theory. And to add to it I’d say:
    brilliant title – better content

    1. Not irrelevant.

      Both of these preferences can be hard to come by, but I guarantee you with a million views even 2% of those could give you the small community you wish for! It would be I think impossible to get a million views without connecting to some people more intimately.

      And oh gosh yes, folk won’t stick around for a great title and boring content, but you don’t get to cook fish without catching it with bait.
      So they have to land on your page before they know the content is rather wonderful. The title is key for that.

      1. Thanks for deeming it not irrelevant. T’was an attempt to Grab Your Attention. Although perhaps it was irrelevant trying to grab your attention when I see you reply to every comment! Which is pretty amazing considering how many you get πŸ™‚ . good on you.

    1. Woah! I think you are restricting yourself a little bit for starters. Aim at getting PEOPLE to read your blog. Once they find it wonderful either you can tell / direct / cajole them to read your stories to their kids or they will work it out themselves.

      1. One addition to that is hang out with parents online also. Find where your desired audience hangs out and hang out with them and introduce your books /stories. But don’t have too strict a door policy in your head as I said before, as to get things going initially it will restrict your growth.

  5. One of the first lessons we learnt in Journalism is that every story comes down to 2 things – money & sex, and in my experience, the first is often hiding the second somewhere or another! So as fickle as it sounds, I absolutely agree, in grabbing eyeball sexy wins hands down all the time, every time.

  6. Well, I won’t be retitling my book “The Shirtless Pauper Prince,” but I see what you’re getting at.
    I notice that a lot of people add pictures in their posts, too. If I’m already following them, I’d read their stuff, anyway, but I can see that getting attention from others.

    1. Yeah, you know what I’ve learned from NLP and other disciplines, is that people access information differently, so don’t be afraid to do you. That’s what keeps your stuff unique. These tips must be translated into the relevant, appropriate action for each person.

      These are simply tips that work for me and they are quite general to try and cover the bases. I am hoping to do something more specific when I have time.

      So thanks HHP!

  7. Ok how do I sign up for your course on getting a lot of hits… I get a few.. I have man cleavage….

    1. Looool! That’s twice you have made me howl this week! Yeseven!

      It’s not a course per se but I’m going to hand your details to the Team and they’ll take it from there. It might take a good few days for them to get back to you as I’m told there is now a bit of a backlog.

      …Plus I am totally feeling the Walmart post.

      1. You are smart… I like smart… I could get a million hits if I posted pictures of kitties and puppies. I won’t do it! I could write poetry about my sexual whatever’s but no one wants that.. One time visitors mean nothing.. I want stead fast flying monkeys.. I mean followers… Can I tag along and see how you get the masses to read your blog?

      2. You are most welcome. Follow the tips. Follow what the Members Division folk will hopefully be able to offer you – and if that doesn’t do it, well gosh darnit I don’t know what will!

      1. Actually I am in a better place since that time but life has a habit of throwing us curve balls so I’m preparing myself for any event that might happen ( bit neurotic but yeah) .. didn’t know that “Open” would get attention but thanks for asking. πŸ™‚

  8. Hhm . . . well the thing about me and cleavage is . . . I never had much when I was young . . . and now that I’m older, I’ve got some . . . but it hangs halfway to my knees . . . so where do we go with that? Hhm?!

    1. Sex always sells. Even those who are against it’s usage to sell everything bring attention to a product by complaining about it!

      But that’s not quite what I’m saying here. I’m saying use the analogy. Women don’t spend 4 hours getting ready to go out because they want to be ignored. Just think of every title as the thing that (should) turn heads.
      Thanks Glenn!

      1. I would never be late with a β€œThank You” noteβ€”so I should have been more prompt with: β€œThank you for following my blog, β€œWhat to Do about Mama?” Since β€œeveryone is a potential caregiver,” I hope that you find the information to be useful in the event that you need to draw upon it someday. I would not say caregiving is an β€œinspiring” topic, but I do think my book of the same name is a good addition to any reference shelf. Better yet: be prepared. Read it before you think you need it.

      2. I once started a little charity for care givers. They are the secret unrecognized army of most societies, starting from alarmingly young to the upper ages and saving ungrateful governments be-doodles of money year in year out. The stats and their invisibility was quite astonishing.

        You are right, no amount of dressing is going to make it a ‘sexy’ topic and folks don’t really care until they need to.

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