Amazing Eye Make Up Artistry


These amazing creations are by Israeli artist Tag Peleg who elevates a  simple daily routine carried out by roughly half the world into amazing artistry. Everything I love: imagination, artistry, skill and a bit of fun too!

Cool huh?

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89 thoughts on “Amazing Eye Make Up Artistry

  1. Wowsers! Amazing is not strong enough a word! 🙂 A l ittle tough to carry off just going to tea with your maiden auntie, but hey – don’t put anything past me. I’m easily bored. I wonder how Hubby will take Edgar Allan Poe emblazoned across my eyelid… hmmmmmmmm….hand me the Tippex and some eyeliner, will ya?

  2. If I wore make up I’d do the cat artwork.. I think it’s totally cool my fellow utility workers would beat the heck out of me but I still would:)

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