Amazing Eye Make Up Artistry


These amazing creations are by Israeli artist Tag Peleg who elevates aĀ  simple daily routine carried out by roughly half the world into amazing artistry. Everything I love: imagination, artistry, skill and a bit of fun too!

Cool huh?

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  1. Wowsers! Amazing is not strong enough a word! šŸ™‚ A l ittle tough to carry off just going to tea with your maiden auntie, but hey – don’t put anything past me. I’m easily bored. I wonder how Hubby will take Edgar Allan Poe emblazoned across my eyelid… hmmmmmmmm….hand me the Tippex and some eyeliner, will ya?

  2. If I wore make up I’d do the cat artwork.. I think it’s totally cool my fellow utility workers would beat the heck out of me but I still would:)

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