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  1. Reblogged this on Reader Discretion is Advised and commented:
    I like this quote a lot. It raises a lot of questions about the paid opinions that we access each day through television, newspapers, magazines and, yes, blogs. However blogs can be differentiated. Not all blogs operate as amateur op-eds.

    1. 2 Questions:

      1. ROTFIMJP? Can’t work it out. – Roll on the floor in my jodpurs? He he!
      2. Is Jedland going to be made into audio at some point? That’s the only way I can do books these days – unless the governments adds another 10 hours to the day.

      1. LOL! I like your interpretation. But it is Rolling on the floor in my jean pants. Now who has ever heard of jean pant? Well it’s a South Africanism for Jeans. Not widely used, majority just use Jeans, but some SA folk lost something in translation.

        I wanted to do audio, but it costs a huge amount to produce 😦

      1. Lol! Stop on by. We have been out for a couple of weeks on vacation but I’ll be getting back into the blogging routine.

    1. Every…time! EVERY time! I have one of those brains…every time I see you, ‘Woah! Pleeeeease – stay by me – Diana!’ – You know that song? It is driving me slightly nuts now! 🙂

      But you are worth it….and anyway it goes as soon as I see another visitor, Barbie Beaton – ‘I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie wooooolrd!’

      1. Yes I know that song by Paul Anka. The story goes that he wrote that song when he was 18 and smitten with an older woman named Diana. She blew him off like yesterday’s garbage. When Paul became famous, she tried to get back into his life…and yes …. you guessed it…. he told her to take a hike!
        Diana xo

        p.s I have a friend who always thinks of the song Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson!

      2. Yeah…it was the song they released just after he (MJ) died so Paul Anka must have been clapping his hands with glee! (Not at his death, but what a bonus – a song Jackson probably would have never released suddenly gets the spotlight.)

        And as I write this – who comes on the TV? Michael Jackson! – If Paul Anka suddenly appears I’m outta here! 😀

      1. Yes, and I reblogged it on because transitioning from school to the workplace is a particularly sensitive time when you feel like everyone is directing and evaluating you.

      2. Well…they are! Lol! – Nice idea the students blog. Could be a great little toolkit. I’ll be interested to see how you develop this as I am already thinking of where it could go and it’s not even my blog! – Can’t help it! Thanks Gail. 🙂

    1. Clearly Know All – but still try and pay your rent with it and see how far you get.

      You can lap up opinion from all sides, good and bad, but ultimately yours is what counts.

      Ah…now my week can continue. Know-All has visited! 🙂

      1. hehehe…thankfully, you have to continue only through the weekend 😀 Just to linger a little on the topic, I say this as someone, who has made decisions regarding life, which are not, let’s say, usual…What I decide to do should be my decision, but, there are people whose opinions matters a lot, and yes, their opinion has helped me many a times, and I may not always agree to what they say, but, I will always carefully listen to what they have to say…I think its also equally, if not more, important to decide whose opinion you want to pay heed to! 🙂

      2. Yes well you are just being naughty KA. you know jolly well that the quote refers to people whose opinions should not matter.

        Even if you deem someone’s opinion important (like my own of course!) the end result should still be your opinion that counts and with that comes accountability for that opinion.
        Let me put it even clearer for you. These are the people you should be listening to in order:
        1. Mom 😀
        2. The Ed
        3. Know-All.

        Are we clear now?

      3. haha…crystal clear…and you are not The Ed, you are Lady Ed!! 😀 And yes, your opinion is definitely very important to me! 🙂

    1. Hey Rajiv! WHERE IS YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!? Do you WANT me to send you to the headmaster!!!??? 🙂

      Just kidding! Do it. Don’t do it. Just learn something hopefully. Plus I can’t remember what it was anyway!

      1. Heh! Yeah… Is my blog “welcoming”? Well, to be to honest, I wonder. I would call it interesting, possibly provocative, thoughtful. Welcoming? Not sure… That was the homework

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