WTF?! Pics Time!

Pics for which there is no earthly explanation – but we find one!…For MOST of them!

the sewing machine‘Quick a UPS van just crashed! Bring 2 things: My camera and a sewing machine…like, NOW!

‘But…we’ll be late for the wedding!’

‘I DO NOT care!’

lions gf‘Tony…what have they done to you!’

pink gunThis one is pretty standard…isn’t it??!! I do this all the time. I get my Womble doggy, my baby and a pink rifle and sit in the tub regularly. The gun and the jogging pants with the peace sign go particularly well together!


‘Sir…next time, honour me. I was here first.’

sick orang

Maaaaaaan – that was one hell of a night!

sloth sats

‘I am a sloth and I am taking my GED. I’m not quite sure what the issue is here?’


‘Um…someone help me?’


You’re on your own here dear Readers…

cat shower



Nothing I could say here would probably be better than the actual truth behind this image.


Um…??!! Any assistance with this one!!!??

dog in bar

This one is obvious… The dog likes wine, cigarettes and company. Moving along.

doll and dog

‘This one is my girlfriend…’

old folk

Can you even the imagine the conversation that led up to this?

granma face 2

‘If Angelina can do it…’

queuing fox

‘The interest rates are rubbish, but I have to put something away for the cubs.’

seagull manThis probably felt like a good idea at the time!


80 thoughts on “WTF?! Pics Time!

      1. It’s Lois. Strangest thing…who knows! The security check goes off but the wand doesn’t. Last week it was the buttons on my sweater…I rejoice when I DON’T set off the buzzer!

      1. What discipline? The thought of it lead me to your “Is your blog welcoming?” post. Did you ask me on purpose? lol. Oh reviewing takes me 3 tries before publishing 1 post. Still struggling with my own words and trying to find my writing style (which sounded like an excuse 😛 ). But as long as I’m trying to keep myself committed to this, everything is fine. 🙂

      2. He he! YOU used the dreaded discipline word first! If I told you how many tries I can go through sometimes you would start a charity telephon for me.

        To use a tired cliche – just keep doing you.

  1. Thanks for following my blog!

    On the first photo I did some digging:
    The photo was taken near this location:

    You can see the wall next to the steps on the lower right.

    The UPS van had rolled down to where the foundation was being laid for a new building.

    You can see the dirt (not water) on the middle right to the top of the photograph.

    According to this news report,, it took three hours to remove the van, giving the young man ( enough time to dress in a tuxedo, and his friends enough time to take the photo.

  2. “Oh deer.” A bit obvious? But with the facial expression that gentleman has while he’s cuddling the dear, who knows how seductively he’d say that phrase… “Ooooh, deeer…”

    Great pics! 🙂

  3. The first one is my favorite. How many possible explanations can there be? Although I have to say, there’s not a ba done in the bunch. What a fun group of photos!

  4. Strangely although in several of the pics the animal world have ‘tried’ to steal the show……It is actually the humans which have won this time. For me this sums up everything that is GOOD about our species. fabulous x

  5. If only there were some cards in front of the dog at the bar then all those velvet paintings hanging in lounges in the 70s would have been prophetic. Love the tiger getting worried for the mascot on the stretcher.

    1. Hey! You’re not too bad at routing out a story or two yourself by the look of things. I don’t know the stories behind these particular images, but it’s quite fun re-imagining them! 🙂

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