Donna Karan’s Home

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Donna Karan’s artistic and beautiful home is set atop Manhattan, near the clouds where one can view the exciting chaos of new York via telescope from a position of stylish calm…



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See more pics of this stylish home tour here


28 thoughts on “Donna Karan’s Home

    1. A few have said this so you are not alone Allan. 🙂

      Crumbs that guitar on your site is the intro to a song that is now going to kill me trying to remember it! (I don’t know if it was meant to be or just coincidence.)

  1. Hi, a lot of New Yorkers have beautiful OLD homes that they pay MILLIONS of dollars for. It seems like such a waste. Why not invest a home for an island somewhere not one that has been renovated to the max. But, it’s their money.

      1. I watched the millionaire who sold a house (more like an apartment) in New York for over 44 million dollars in one of those renovated buildings. Anyhow, I enjoy your blog.

      2. I never realized the importance (to some people) of the location of an address until I lived in NYC. I literally saw people living in broom cupboards just to have the ‘right’ address. That is what your 44 mil buyer is buying. The prestige more than the building.

      3. Hi, the Million Dollar Listing is the show that comes on every week. I do watch it sometimes, but the realtor is so stuck on himself. It’s such a waste spending all that money on old renovated property. Anyhow, I enjoy your blog.

  2. I find it cold. It is bright and calm, agreed. But not relaxing for me. Too cold, sterile…no warmth or coziness. But coming from a house of organized choas, it is refreshingly clean and calm.

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