Peaceful Living

logics numbers

My Favourites?

Frankly, I like them all, but I think what resonates most with me would be 2, 3, 4 and 6. With no.6 I used to think one had to have all the answers, then I grew up and realized that you didn’t. The journey is as important as the destination….plus you might not even get there!

Your Favourite(s)?

And why?


137 thoughts on “Peaceful Living

  1. I love number 7 because it is the one phrase that has changed my life a lot. I tried an experiment a long time ago because i was tired of being angry at everything and everyone. I decided to dress up, get out, smile and pay 3 people sincere compliments with a genuine smile. What i discovered was, the number of people who wanted to get to know me in a day sky rocketed. I felt a lot happier and confident. I felt like i was royalty walking around town.

  2. Number 6 is always the big one for me. I’ve heard number 5 phrased in a slightly different way that resonated a lot with me, especially in the age of social media. Perhaps it will with you and your readers too:

    “Unhappiness comes from comparing your scrap footage against everyone else’s highlight reels.”

  3. I really enjoyed this posting. 2, 4, 5 and 6 really resonate with me. The caring about what other people think has been a challenge especially since I was a professional ballet dancer and lived in a world where other peoples’ opinions were everything! #4 struck a cord in that I tend to fall into the trap of “if only… then everything would be perfect and happy”. I’ve wasted alot of time on those “what ifs” and see that the happiness is always there- I just need to get out of my way. Comparison is another throw back to those perfectionist years and being that I am an Aquarian with a gemini rising, all I do is spend time in my mind- thinking and wanting to ” be prepared” with all the knowledge and information I could stuff into my mental filing cabinets. All terribly exhausting! So, I’m going t sit back and smile at all the silliness I engage in and simply be at peace with myself.

  4. Number 4, definitely number 4. So much of our lives are spent seeking internal happiness through external means. But, of course. We are constantly bombarded with pleasures that delight the five senses. We begin to believe that happiness is a reactive emotion rather than a state of being. Changing my way of looking at happiness has been a long, hard-fought battle, indeed. I’m older, I’m wiser, and I’m most certainly, happier.
    Thank you for the post, it resonated. Peace, ~v.

  5. Reblogged this on Simply Life and commented:
    There is nothing like living a life filled with peace. These are seven logics that would be good to adhere to. Check them out they are reblogged from over at “The Journal.”

    Be Blessed Everyone!


  6. I love all of them, but specially number 4! The power lies always within you, amazing post. Wish you a very powerful day:)

  7. Mine would be the first one, making peace with he past. I find much of the things I struggle with now are things I should have dealt with years ago but didn’t. I ran from them. Well, I can’t run anymore, so I’m squaring up with them now! Tis a good list though.

    Jekyll (Sometimes Hyde)

  8. I like stop thinking too much. So many people in my business ( including me) process things to no end. Sometimes you just have to allow yourself to sit and not dissect it all

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