Conrad Hilton

I ain't beaten yet wop logo 3Hey y’all! In my career I’ve met a lot of achievers, both famous and not so famous and I loved collecting their stories. One thing they all had in common was an absolute blind refusal to give up when the load became too heavy.
The ability to pick oneself off the ground…(yet again!) and dust off the seat of our pants is in all of us. If you are experiencing tough times this little series of stories is for you. For some folk, who seem to have been handed it all on a plate, their stories will surprise you!


WHO? : Conrad Hilton

IS? : Founder of Hilton Hotels (and Paris Hilton).

SAID? : ‘Success seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.’

The name Hilton may elicit images of partying, dodgy sex videos and airhead behaviour but Paris Hilton’s great grandfather’s work some decades ago is responsible for her sometimes ubiquitous presence in the media today. Like previous examples, Conrad Hilton serves as another sparkling example of beating harsh personal and financial circumstances whether they are happenstance or self inflicted.


Empire Building

Hilton bought his first hotel in Texas 1919. He added to this by building his first hotel from scratch six years later. Another hotel opened in two more years and at least another three over the following decade. This rapid growth led to him forming the Hilton Hotels Corporation and because he was also expanding into areas such as credit cards and travel services he formed the Hilton International Company by 1948.


Empire Losing

During the Great Depression which swept through most of the 1930’s, Hilton’s nascent empire spiralled into debt and one by one he began losing his properties. He was unable to finish the new hotels he had started building and he was forced to sell off the ones already up and running.
Hilton however fought to be retained as the manager by the new owners of his hotel empire and he resolved to work hard to find his way out of his difficulties.


Empire Re-Building

Utilizing his upstanding reputation and the goodwill he had previously cultivated, (quite an important point), he was able to conradhiltonobtain the goods he needed on credit during the uncertain times to continue the smooth running of the corporation.

Slowly but surely by keeping tenuous hold of his interests he was able to work his way back into ownership of his own creation eventually buying all his hotels back and expanding his empire greater than it was before. In doing so he created the worlds first international hotel chain
…and Paris Hilton.


Grrr! Why YOU ain’t beat yet!

You are not beaten because seemingly once you have

1. A Plan

2. Focus

no circumstance will be able to thwart your purpose. Perhaps the greatest battle we have is with ourselves and our own self doubt.
Hilton was also able to do what so many of my featured profiles were able to do and that is ‘Keep His Eyes On The Prize’. How humbling do you imagine it was, going to work in your own ex-hotel as the manager rather than the grand owner? But the ‘shame’ of it was not his focus.

It Wasn’t Me!

It would have been really easy don’t you think for Hilton to consider himself the unluckiest man alive to have lost everything he had worked so hard to attain. He could have wallowed in his loss and perhaps turned to drink or drugs whilst revisiting the story of how he had lost everything to anyone in a bar who would listen or revolving it around in his head time and time again.

Or what about the perennial favourite of finding someone else to blame? Recognize this behaviour pattern? Sure you do! I do! Instead he placed his focus on getting his empire back and making it bigger, better and stronger than ever before.

A Foundation

Hilton also had a hidden weapon in his back pocket. His grounding in his Christian faith. It would have given him that mental and spiritual strength that would have been needed to get over the initial loss of his empire and see the future possibilities beyond his situation. Spiritual faith aligned with any denomination of your choice cannot be under estimated because although intangible and hard to quantify, it drives the mechanics of physical change that we are able to see. It’s lack of absolute definition is what makes its power potent and infinite because you can mould it’s power to suit your needs.

One Last Grrr!

Grrr! Okay no more excuses. You have a dream? A business, an artistic endeavour, a family to raise? Go get ’em tigers!


59 thoughts on “Conrad Hilton

  1. Have you been beaten down?rise and keep on Fighting,it’s never over Until it’s’s only over when we are dead and gone.I ain’t gonna quit no more

  2. Grrreat read and very inspiring. Love your style of writing. I’m always doodling with a pen, and have so many thoughts and ideas pinging round my head. Eventually I listened to my husband’s suggestion of having a blog this year (he’s been saying it for about 4 years). Am greatly enjoying it and finally have an outlet for some of those creative juices. It was fear of the unknown, and “what will people think” notion that was holding me back. Never again.

      1. He certainly does. His constant advice (badgering!) and Torvill & Dean’s 30th Bolero anniversary finally got me to relent. Started my blogging with something big, as you know I had a lot to say on my sporting heroes.

  3. I think his granddaughter has a lot more industriousness than people give her credit for. I mean, anyone who can get people to pay her (a lot of money) to show up to their party is someone who’s smarter than most business-people. For Paris, life is one unending party–and she’s getting paid for it!
    Now that’s brilliant, in my book.

    1. Shouldn’t think so Donald. Have you never heard of agents? That’s what they do.
      Once someone has even a tiny bit of celebrity cachet they get surrounded by agents and management teams. It’s a world I’m very familiar with.

      1. I’ve heard of agents. I’ve heard of many more famous people who lost everything. Agents and managements teams can’t buy happiness any more than money can. AND as Mick Jagger said years ago, “Fame doesn’t rest well on anyone’s shoulders.”

        I wrote an article a couple of days ago about a lucky woman who made the grade. It’s called “A Day in the Life.”

      1. heehee…let’s just say, I don’t mind my leg being pulled by people I am fond of, but don’t expect it to be a one-way street! 😀 🙂 thank you 🙂

  4. A Grrreat story that made me feel inspired and a sense of admiration for a man who knew persistence with our dreams pays off! It makes the “little gal” feel like she can get there.

  5. Reblogged this on Journey to Joy and commented:
    This is a great inspiring story for all those who might be tempted to give up on their dreams. Keep pressing on, even though the journey may be difficult. As Winston Churchill said, “Never surrender!”

  6. Very inspiring and motivating post! Sometimes you just need to be reminded of this (ok maybe every day you need to be reminded to keep going). Thanks for the very positive message!

  7. Reblogged this on Recipes and Relationships and commented:
    I never thought I would do this and I don’t plan on doing this often — I am not a *re-blogger* but this is too good not to share. It’s a quick read, a fine example of try, try and keep on trying until you succeed and proves, once again, that humility is the backbone of success.

    On a side note, I am working on a new post and being a perfectionist-writer, I can’t post it until it’s right (in my head and on paper) and it’s not right yet. It’s a difficult post for me, for some reason. But I’ll get it right and share when I do. Thank you for your patience…. Franny

  8. I fail. I fall. I get back up and do it all over again until I succeed. Then I move on to find the next thing I can try. But I never give up! Thank you for writing this story for I sent it to my guy who needed to hear this story. Hell, I needed to hear it, too. You are exactly who I thought you would be (from seeing one photo of you many years ago). Cheers! ~Franny 🙂

  9. P.S. You say of spiritual faith that “It’s lack of absolute definition is what makes its power potent and infinite because you can mould it’s power to suit your needs.” I doubt Mr Hilton would have considered his faith in quite this light.
    Surely, if you can make something do or be whatever you want, it has less power than you, not more? A Christian serves his God; he does not expect his God to serve him.

    1. Hmmm…hallo Deborah! That is YOUR definition! Are you speaking for all Christians? If you ask 100 faith people, what faith is, whilst the answers may be in the same ball park, they will all have a different slant to it. Simply because people read and are taught by different people who have their OWN slant on faith. This is what I mean by lack of absolute definition. With 100 minds you will never get one exact shared belief or definition. You don’t often get that cohesion in one family. Hence I’m saying that whatever YOUR definition is, you can use it to give you strength.

      Also I never insinuated anything about God serving folk. By ‘mould it’s power to suit your needs’ by this I simply mean – use it! Faith / belief is a powerful tool. Ask your God to help you in your time of difficulty. I think we can safely assume he would have done that. I’ve never met a Christian yet who doesn’t.

      1. I see what you mean. I think I’ve come across too many people who assume that God is there like some sort of celestial battery pack to provide power to serve their ends – it doesn’t seem to occur to them that perhaps God provides power to help us further his ends – like helping people in their time of difficulty 🙂

      2. They can get the bible to say anything they want it to. It is, as you mentioned, all related to what the person’s agenda is. I recently “made friends” online with a Christian woman who I was disputing the actions of the Old Testament Patriarchs over. I insisted that the Old Testament reads like a history of al-Qaida, which it does. She asked, Who am I to judge God?

        So, this same lady emailed me yesterday asking my advice about how to handle some strangers she came across at the grocery store who were “talking shit” about her. My advice was direct, simple, and completely conformed to the teachings of Christ. I quoted some sections of his sermon on the Mount. She would have none of it. The teachings of Christ didn’t conform to her agenda. So, she got angry at me for suggesting that she follow them, and basically hung up on me.

        What I’m getting at is that I don’t believe a word any of them say. Atheists are more honest–and sometimes much better Christians (in the good sense) than “believers” are.

  10. Pays not to be proud, eh? A prouder man might have refused to seek employment in an establishment he’d previously owned. Hats off to Hilton for refusing to let pride get in the way of getting on with it.

  11. Okay, I don’t like using the OMG thing, so this is all your fault. “Why you may ask?” ( c’mon, ya know you’re asking ). This past week I’ve been seriously considering ending my blog . . . my art . . . projects, etc . . . you get the idea. Then TODAY I was featured on another blog. Me, the “feature-less virgin”. AND it was on a big blog, I mean a gigantic, popular one. You would know it if I said it 🙂 But then . . . wait for it . . . OMG, I open your fantastically positive Grrr post today. Well, what else can I say but . . . Grrr, I Ain’t Beaten Yet!

    Thanks Luv . . . you’re great!

      1. It was a really easy little project, but I used free vintage graphics from THE GRAPHICS FAIRY. They chose to feature the little Mother’s Day project I did. That site is fantastic for graphics, no fees or $$ needed, something everyone likes, right!? I’ve had my best stats day ever and it’s not done yet!

        P.S. Madam Gracie and Fearless Fozz send their regards to all.

    1. Really interesting to learn ain’t it Lilka? We make so many assumptions about people, especially wealthy people. Someone once said that he stole a shop owners beloved Mercedes because clearly he had a business and a Merc so ‘he could afford it!’

      This dumb a** is in bed snoring when the shop owner gets up every day at 3am to buy supplies and then tends his shop until 11pm. And as it happened he could not really afford the Merc but had pursued it for years as it was his dream car and the one treat he allowed himself.
      There’s always a hidden story to outward appearance. 🙂

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