More Amazing Glimpses Of Our History

18-Construction-of-the-Berlin-wall-1961The building of the Berlin wall.

22-Suntan-vending-machine-1949The obsession with fake tan is a long one. A tanning vending machine 1949.

23-Measuring-bathing-suits-if-they-were-too-short-women-would-be-fined-1920sThe continued obsession with women owning their sexuality is also a long one, as this man ensures that these women are not precious millimetres into the indecency zone.

24-Martin-Luther-King-with-his-son-removing-a-burnt-cross-from-their-front-yard-1960Martin Luther king cleans up after some ‘rowdy’ locals the next morning.

26-Lifeguard-on-the-coast-1920sBaywatch circa 1920’s

25-Hotel-owner-pouring-acid-in-the-pool-while-black-people-swim-in-it-ca-1964This man extends his hospitality to a Black family taking a swim by pouring acid into the swimming pool and forgetting to ask them to get out first. 1964.



62 thoughts on “More Amazing Glimpses Of Our History

  1. Pictures like these have been cropping up a lot recently, I’ve come across them courtesy of Stumble Upon. There’s a darkly amusing one of a “child’s cage”, which hung outside of apartment blocks in city centres. It was a way for the child to get “air”, dangling up a hundred feet in the air. Safe as cheese on toast!

  2. Always an eye opener to know where we came from, and here’s hoping future generations will feel the same when they see some of the pictures of current events…

  3. As a history teacher, I can appreciate every photo, no matter how heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing!

  4. These are some interesting pieces of history here! The last was is bit…. cruel if I’m honest. However, this gave me another view of how things where back then! Thank you for that

  5. If I am not mistaken the last photo is one that took place In st. Augustine Florida, at a hotel pool. Because of the civil rights movement, those people decided to go to this pool at that hotel and stand up for equal rights. The photo that speaks to me most is the building of the wall. On one side u have progression where the construction is going on and on the other side you have protest. Very powerful photos

  6. I had seen most of these before…but don’t recall the Berlin wall construction one…i love the job description of the guy measuring the length of swim suits… πŸ™‚

  7. Words fail me, as they have most everyone else on that last particular. Very distressing. But I agree… without the photo, who would believe it had really happened as it did? Man’s inhumanity to man never ceases to amaze and horrify. But I also gotta say – having a pulse and all – that the Baywatch pic was rather nice.

      1. It is a bit more village people than is my taste, but hey… πŸ™‚ great post, as always!

  8. It makes you realise how unnatural the whole idea of the Berlin Wall was – let’s just build a massive wall down the middle of the street, that seems rational!
    And who thinks it’s an improvement on public decency to have a bloke going round measuring ladies’ thighs?? (Though if anyone needs a skirt on their bathing suit, it’s the man in #5…)

    1. Fascianting and I agree with the line about so any of those tweeting would say ‘I’m not a racist.’

      Hey, you can’t manufacture and sell intelligence and some people will always be short changed if you could.

  9. Fascinating…I’m so glad I subscribed. Man’s inhumanity to man never ceases to amaze me. I’m even more amazed at the person taking the photo of the man pouring the acid…than I am at the man pouring the acid.
    We need to see images like this because unfortunately being uncomfortable is the only way to examine hatred and realize that it still exists….
    I would encourage anyone who believes in compassion to sign the Charter for Compassion. 8 countries and tens of thousands have signed…

    1. Thanks SS! A lot of people say that about people who take photos before helping a situation…and yet without these photos we could hardly believe what people are capable of doing. Yesterday AND today.

      1. I mean I was impressed…I didn’t even know they measured a girls bathing suit or that there was free tanning on a bending machine and in public. They are great pics either way. I hated the pool one

  10. Photo number 6 … really? Can you honestly hate a people that much? Yes, I know there was lynching and murdering of innocent people but pouring acid into a pool with swimmers and in public view … I don’t know … words fail me on this one but I still thank you for sharing.

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