An Amazing Look Back At Our History

01-Woman-With-A-Gas-Resistant-Pram-England-1938A woman pushes a gas resistant baby carriage back in the good o’days! Circa 1930.


People take pictures by the Statue Of Liberty as it was being assembled. – How very Twitter!


Little ducks being used as therapy for sick children.


This is Annette Kellerman. She was promoting a woman’s right to wear a one piece bathing costume in 1907. She was later arrested for indecency. – Sort of like the Miley Cyrus of her generation.


This one is a doozy! These baby cages were made so that baby could get enough sunlight and fresh air…um...*rendered speechless.*


This was the original Ronald McDonald…Terrifying!


Early artificial legs circa 1890.


This little Austrian boy is thrilled to get a new pair of shoes during WWII. So incredibly happy with such a simple gift, much like the kids today …oh, wait.


73 thoughts on “An Amazing Look Back At Our History

  1. wow amazing 🙂 except Miley Cyrus is kind of worse in my opinion. And it was so sweet about the baby thing. and the last picture made me smile and laugh…especially what you said.

    I wish I lived in those times

  2. The Austrian boy and the shoes reminds me of the 1915 letter to Santa that went viral this past Christmas after a Deadspin dad went on a tirade about his daughters letter to Santa where she asks for an iPod and an American Girl doll. The 1915 letter was sent to Good Morning America and in it the boy asks very humbly for paints, a nine-cent reader a schoolbag.

    Things like this helps keep things in perspective!

  3. I have been watching Call The Midwife on Netflix and I thought leaving the kids in their prams outside unattended was CRAZY! That window box for your kid….terrifying!! oh my! Thanks for sharing! These are great!

  4. the joy on the little guy’s face over his new shoes is just dear. These are amazing photos. What a macabre collection to peruse on a Monday morning. Thanks!

  5. The Original Ronald Mcdonald got me sharing this post on facebook. I thought it was a clown for a horror show. But the baby gas chamber was the most terrifying here. 😦

  6. So incredible, every picture had my jaw literally dropped! Oh man, and people think our societies and cultures are crazy NOW days? Serious?

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