41 thoughts on “Ladies! 2 Men Experience Labour Pains… See What Happens!

  1. Maybe these men will have a small appreciation for what their wives have endured. To their credit, at least they tried to see the other side.

  2. How can you have labor pains dudes? You don’t have a uterus. If God wanted you to have one he would have given you one. Good Lord this type of shit sets me off. Being empathetic to your wife doesn’t mean pretending you’re giving birth.

      1. Funny perhaps. Dumb definitely. This sets me off because its more men acting like women. Men and women are different creatures. Men don’t put the seat down and women tell us about it forever. Its in our genes. I just don’t like it when men try to become women through their actions or thoughts.

      2. I’m ok, probably was in a pissy mood. Redneck wrestlemania, the one day to wear a wife beater and drink really bad beer.

  3. hahaha, oh my word! YES! I love this. Can’t ALL men go through this please?? Like before we have the babies, it should be mandatory.

  4. Everytime I see this it makes me laugh. There is a reason my girlfriends and I have a category called “mansick” for anytime one of our significant others comes down with the sniffles etc. “bless their hearts” as they say in the South…

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