Sad News: Peaches Geldof Found Dead


Link to the BBC story here.


16 thoughts on “Sad News: Peaches Geldof Found Dead

  1. Ohh 😦 sad news, so young girl.
    Well, thank you very much for visit and following my blog, but there’s a new address if you would like to keep following: You can follow it with wordpress reader too. Thank you very much and congratulations on this fantastic blog. xx

  2. I hate everything since yesterday…
    I didn’t really knew Peaches, but I knew Bob Geldof since his appearance in Pink Floyd’s The Wall…
    One of the last, true free thinking artists of this ugly age, paired only by Dylan, Leo Cohen and a very few others.
    Titans of heartfeltness, broken troubadours of an age which showed them its destitution and ugliness, lost in between their minds and their hearts, oftentimes seeing their own children fading away before them, victims of the shadows of their parents’ unbearable pain of having understood the truth behind the curtain called reality.
    Another of my own gone…
    I’ll lay a stone for you today.
    Shalom at last, sister…

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