Amazing Sand Sculpture


Remember how at the beach you would build sand castles out of 3 miniature buckets of sand and call it a day? Well, some folk have taken things just a little bit further…

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43 thoughts on “Amazing Sand Sculpture

  1. These are some amazing pieces of sculpture. Just using the basics of earth and water; two of the elements that sustain life on this amazing planet, art is brought forth. . I think there is a cyclic nature in all things.
    There is a tradition in sand painting where some native cultures create these intricate and delicate designs only to have theses same elements reclaimed by nature. Perhaps we can learn something from this process. rkprodesign

  2. It’s awesome…on the other hand, people find time for this but less than 50% of the country votes in the presidential election. I’m feeling a tad disillusioned at the mo. 😉

    1. Ah, l1brarygyl we are multi-faceted beings. We can cope with art, politics, love, play, seriousness. One is not necessarily more important than the other.
      If I want you to vote for me I have to understand your difficulties, speak your language, gain your trust, inspire you in some way or another and not speak with forked tongue! Possibly the disillusionment should be reserved for the politicians?

  3. These are spectacular works. I’ve seen some outstanding ones over the years. Only sad thing is that they don’t last. Well, I guess since they’ve been photographed. 🙂


    This year’s sand castles competition was stunning, the best yet!!

    The judging must be completed before the tide comes in and washes the work away. That gives everyone about 6 hours …

    There are ribbons and awards for the competition. But no money involved.

    The competition is held at Cannon Beach , Oregon






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  5. WOW!! these are awesome! Back home on Vancouver Island BC I have had the wonderful chance to take in a sand sculpting competition twice! They are amazing! I haven’t seen anything like this though! This is fantastic! And what a great way to pass the time at the beach!

  6. Beautiful its heart warming to see people put such time and effort to create something so stunning and transient. Maybe I’m taking it a bit too far but it makes me think about the importance of creativity in life however fleeting. Loving the clouds and amazing blue sky.

    1. No you are absolutely not taking it too far Tabitha. With the beauty and freedom of all kinds of creativity there is no such thing as too far.
      As you may be able to tell, I completely agree with you! 🙂

  7. Wow! That is fantastic and to a level I have never seen before… I hold 3 Titles for Sand Sculptures in Florida. In fact I have won every contest I have entered. It has been at least 10-15 years ago but I still every know and then see one of my sand sculptures in a magazine or paper or advertisement… These are magnificent and are very detailed. I think the reason I win these contests is because I try to do Art and not just a likeness of something. Well these are gorgeous and I think they look wonderful but I would still appreciate sculpture instead of a likeness. For instance at one contest I did maybe 10 heads scattered as if they had washed up on the beach. The heads looked like my work and not an exact likeness of something you have seen before. So I respect these artists but would like more of the artist and less of something I have seen before… Thank you for your interest and sharing these wonderful sculptures. I really enjoyed this and like bragging on myself sort of…well maybe not so much but… Thank you again, claudy

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