Alicia Keys Home

celebrity home tours

Ms Keys rocks contemporary, elegant and eclectic taste with a few surprises around some corners…

Click below for the whole tour.

image-1 image-13


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See more pics of this stylish home tour here


10 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Home

  1. Wow. Just wow. When I saw it was Alicia Key’s home I had to peak. She’s one of my absolute favs! I just can’t even imagine living in that kind of beauty. And now I’m cracking up thinking about a child or two in that place!

  2. As a sneaky sort of person, looking for inspiration, I absolutely LOVE what you post, because not only do you never fail to give me a giggle, your content is absolutely BRILLIANT! BTW, how on earth do I get Ellen Degeneres to look at MY root furniture? just saying……LOL…love your blog, totes darling x x

    1. Haloo Deborah, me ‘ole Flower! (Thought I’d give you a bit of cockney as I’m lovin’ the SA accent!)
      Now, the Ellen thing. Being bessie friends with her as I am, I can certainly pass on your query, but ever since the famous selfie taken without my inclusion, I have to admit we haven’t been that close.

  3. Well, she has taste at least. I like it, just saw on the other site. I like also few houses of celebs but many of them really don’t have taste. Ok, those are designers to be honest.

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