Mother Tattoos Baby

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Mothers Or Humans With A Brain, Look Away Now!



82 thoughts on “Mother Tattoos Baby

  1. … disgusting
    I will say, I did get quite a kick out of the comments here. It is good to know this is still considered a “shitbag” thing to do. It breaks my heart really but people do “suck”. My son showed me a Vine video of a toddler smoking a joint on the toilet. ….

  2. Omg I couldn’t watch after a couple of seconds this made me so upset and angry! Bloody child abuse this is!

  3. wow….poor baby. A tattoo? And what embarrasses me the most is the fact that they are Latin american. They sound Puerto Rican to me which is a bad example because we are not like that at all…except the f*****g idiots You understand my anger.

  4. As someone with tattoos, I know the pain of getting them. NEVER would I inflict that pain upon a child. That poor, poor kid. I’d like to slap that woman (don’t want to call her a mother as mothers wouldn’t and shouldn’t do this…)
    I’m just horrified!

  5. Is ever in any goverment someone gonna ask himself “What are we doing in this world?” This is at least cruel and they posted a video. Who knows how many other insane things there are.

  6. So apparently this is a growing issue in Puerto Rico and now in Cuba, which is where this particular video was shot. The mother and boyfriend belong to a Cult “Sevcec a Fondo” that encourages its followers to tattoo themselves with the symbol of three 6’s on themselves. So that is what the mom is having put on her son. Based on the HuffPo, the mother has been arrested.

  7. Wow – is that even legal? Does this not constitute child abuse?

    I advocate for a license to procreate! Like a driving license – you need to prove to the rest of us that you are capable of caring for your child before you actually have one!!!!

    1. Lady Tricia I would vote for that in a millisecond. Trouble is who would run it? Would we really, (the relatively sane folk) want to leave it up to our current Western governments to determine if we could have children? Look at what they did to finance, fairness and truth.
      Oh dear…I’m talking myself out of it!

      1. You know, right! That’s the biggest problem, it seems. Accountability. From the very top, with our Governments, to the very bottom, with this woman tattooing her child.

        You should see what goes on in the Caribbean, where I’m from… it’s a slower, creep up, but one day you realize that you live in a place where people are indifferent to their own progress. And the governments like it that way.

  8. ….. I understand and feel the anger from the collective opinion of this thread. But, I would like to know what culture this is from. I am aware that tribes and other indigenous peoples of various parts of this planet engage in (modern societies eyes) controversial “tribal” acts on the children as well. Not saying that they all are bad, but different cultures do partake in different rituals and acts within their own “society”.


    1. Bloody good point Name. Good point! If this were an African tribe indulging in scarification, would we feel the same?
      Well, having thought whilst I was actually posing the question, yes I would still feel the same.
      I have no truck for any culture or tradition that causes unnecessary, disadvantageous pain to children or animals.

      1. Valid answer. It all depends on the land and region. I can think of two that were of “unique” tradition.

        I do not recall the names of the rituals, but one was where the bottom lip was used to insert disks, and the second was of female custom of elongating the neck with rings.

        Thank you for your response, EJ.


  9. What a horrible person! I refuse to call her a mother. She simply gave birth to that poor child who has no chance of being successful, due to his shitbag birth person.

  10. That is absolutely horrifying. What the hell is she thinking, and the tattooist needs to be stopped from ever tattooing another person ever. Serious child abuse, sickening. 😥 And to have the audacity to post the video. Not big, not clever, just makes them look like the biggest tools in the world. That poor child.

  11. I cannot believe this. The artist should lose his license, the mother should lose her child. I am dumbfounded that anybody would think this is a good idea. Honestly, people should get permission before being allowed to have children. This poor little boy.

      1. Exactly. Someone who wants to be a true and good parent should think about the life their child will have. Why should a child suffer because of a parent’s incompetence because everyone has the right to a child?

  12. OK, upsetting is mild on what I feel. This woman ought to be slowly tortured with barbed wire in places I won’t mention. For many many days, until the infection, (or the flies and maggots) kill her.

  13. What was the tattoo? I mean, not that it makes much of a difference whether it was a dumb chinese symbol or a naked lady, kid’s gonna have issues no matter what, but I feel a little cheated, honestly.

  14. Where the f*** are the Social Services, the Anti Cruelty Leagues, the Police now? Both the woman/mother and the “artist” should be prosecuted! And the next step would be to investigate the so called “pageant” contents, where I’ve seen toddlers being forced to dress and have make-up, and act like “models”, tired and hungry, nearly collapsing on the stage, crying and saying “I don’t want this, mommy…”. We’ve banned watching these horrors in our family, because it’s just horrific… It is just outrageous!

  15. I couldn’t watch more than two seconds of that video. All those people are guilty of horrendous child abuse. I hope they went to jail!! How did you find this?

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