The Chinese Versailles


This super-opulent space is actually a Chinese pharmaceutical company! Some controversy surrounds the build in Harbin China because this extraordinary building was built with state funds that some felt might be more appropriately used to fix more pressing issues like the factory’s sewage problem! Representatives of the factory have suggested a smear campaign and insisted that the opulence is part of their museum for showcasing Chinese art, despite pictures of their actual rather much plainer museum showing evidence to the contrary.

Still, a magnificent show of unrestrained spending and lavish has-to-be-seen decor.



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See more pics of this creative opulence here


30 thoughts on “The Chinese Versailles

  1. Thanks for the picture! Well, if one is wanting some opulence, you got to learn something from those who can master, attain and deliver opulence and luxury. It may be exceedingly wasteful or questionable to use it at a pharmaceutical firm but opulence is opulence. It does make me wonder if we get our drugs supplied by the firm and where our money goes if that is the case. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow just amazing ! I find visions like this surprisingly humbling. It kind of makes me all the more grateful for the little that I have…..I hope that this makes sense.

  3. Yeah, I hate well-appointed grandeur. It’s so Versailles.

    Gorgeous studies. Great photos. Wow to all the excess involved, inside and out. Good read!

  4. My mouth literally dropped open when I saw these pictures. On one hand, it’s hard not to be impressed by the excessive beauty. On the other hand, it’s a bit nauseating. Thanks for sharing. It was eye opening!


    1. That is an impressive sight, the geometric flooring makes me think of a crystal structure diagram. However, it is sad to think their actual Art Museum is a somewhat “pauper poor relation”. Not surprised the company’s environmental impact has been somewhat ignored, compared to the oppulent “selfie”.

      1. “Not surprised the company’s environmental impact has been somewhat ignored, compared to the oppulent β€œselfie”.”

        Excellent point and well said!

  5. This is a typical result of what happens after the vox populi have sounded in the very best interest of the people in a “people’s republic” where the state driven infanticide called “one child policy” is justified by economic restraints…
    Dura lex, sed lex, when you’re not a member of the “inner party”…

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